So, friends.  This whole improv, pattern design thing is for the birds.  You should see me using my fourth grade fraction knowledge to cut the right size fabric.  There has been quite a lot of trimming.  Over and over.  However, I love it and I am hooked.  Who knew it would be this much fun.  In fact, this week I will finish a quilt I made making the pattern on the fly, and I will finish a quilt top I designed.  Hey, girl, hey.


(Coming soon… another finish!)

Onto the Belle Quilt.  I show the Robins Egg Wallpaper print and I was instantly smitten.  SMITTEN.  I knew I wanted to make a quilt showcasing these fabrics.  Then two months ago I splurged after my MQG meeting (as always) and bought a bunch of random fat quarters.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but this quilt quickly came out as I tried to think of a design.  Of course, I also put in some cerise for good measure.  Of course.


Last night I finished all of the blocks, and started piecing in the background fabric.

Let me tell you, it’s a good thing I’m currently teaching my students fractions.



I just love these blocks.


I’m ready to finish this top up by my MQG meeting on Thursday, and I would love to finish this quilt and one more before the new year.  Come on, Christmas break!

Why the rush?  Because I got these beauties in the mail yesterday and we all know I need another Chicopee quilt like I need a hole in my head.


Oh, 2014, you’re going to be quilty fun.


11 thoughts on “Improv

  1. I love the darker blue (?) background fabric, it makes the blocks pop! I can’t wait to see what else you do with those chicopee jelly rolls. I should take your cue and cut up my chicopee, I’ve never made a complete quilt out of it, just bits and pieces here and there!

  2. HAHA! You my friend are hilarious. If your that excited about those chicopee prints I’m guessing you’re gonna come up with something golden 🙂

  3. I think fabric purchases should not be an occasion for guilt. They are highly necessary supplies. Just like Big Boy’s Toys. Your creativity needs an outlet, you might become dangerous unless you’re able to express yourself in fabric. See how that one works for you – the Husband has taken it on board over here!

  4. So funny. The math part definitely stretches me sometimes. To figure out fabric requirements for barn door I literally had to make drawings of “yards” and just fill them in. Took forever.

  5. I’m liking how that robin’s egg wallpaper quilt is coming together. I especially like how you made the blocks different sizes even if that does up the ante with the math 🙂 And, just showing a tiny little peek of the improv quilt…kinda mean 😛 Hope you can finish soon.

  6. Fabulous……… that pink fabric with the dark background. Your so funny every time I read Chicopee I think of you! Looking forward to seeing the finishes and what you do next…..

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