Quilted Christmas Stockings

A few weeks ago my cousin and friend little sister asked me if I could make them stockings.  They had both been looking on Etsy and wondered if it was something I could make …. well, I wasn’t sure.  In fact, when I saw the first message I thought about saying no.  But then when two important people had asked, I thought I could give it a try.  I told them: “No PROMISES.”

My cousin chose her fabric to match her Christmas decorations and they are adorable and well loved already in their home!  My friend chose the fabric line she liked, but she told me just to pick out the fabrics that I liked.

Of course I bought the entire bundle.  (Stockings for next year anyone?  No, I’m serious …)


This is the happiest little stack everrrrr.

I made panels and quilted the entire rectangle, and then I cut out the stocking shape.





I am obsessed with the inside fabric.  I think that’s my favorite part to pick out.

100% Mal approved!


Cutest model ever – appearing soon on my very own Etsy shop!

If you haven’t tried making stockings yet, you should!  They come together so quickly and they are wonderful gifts to give.  I love knowing that they will know how much I love them each year on Christmas morning.


11 thoughts on “Quilted Christmas Stockings

  1. I totally want to make stockings one day, but I have my heart set on some rustic burlap and lace stocking. It will be a departure from the norm for me. Your stockings turned out adorable!

  2. I totally haven’t even started mine yet… I might have to wait until next year, lol. Yours turned out so great, I especially love that they don’t have cuffs you have to fuss with 🙂

  3. Love the stockings! Of course you got the whole bundle- commissioned work requires lots of options and now you have a head start on holiday fabrics for next year. Etsy shop?? Ooh please open one!

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