Honey, Honey

Hey, honey, it’s finished!  I love this quilt top and how the binding and back came out.  Since I started this quilt back in the spring, I’m so excited that it’s finished before the new year.  I have three more WIP quilt tops that I’ve started, and I hope I can finish a few more this year.  Am I crazy?


Don’t you love how the winter weather and sunset at 4:31 has affected my quilt photography.  Look, guys, it was 11:30 last night when I took these.  I do what I can.


I adore the back.  Adore.  This is the most perfect print ever.


I love how the cross hatch looks on the back. 


The Waterfront print is the perfect binding.


This quilt has come a long way since its inception last spring:


I can’t wait to see what you guys have made this week – last night at the NJMQG meeting I was so inspired.  Of course, I don’t need anymore inspiration – I’m on overload.



23 thoughts on “Honey, Honey

  1. Very pretty! Your backing and binding choices are great. I didn’t think that Waterfront print was my favorite but now I want some for binding!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. I am finding it almost impossible to get good picks too! But, I think yours came out good, love the quilt! Front and back:)

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