Tackling My Quilting Fear

For Christmas I bought myself my dream machine. More on that to come, but let’s just say I’m over the moon and can’t stand how much I love sewing on it. I tried it out for the first time yesterday and quilted an entire quilt. Actually, I made a quilt in a day!

Since I’m gifting it today, I’ll share just the quilting. I had so much fun free motion quilting and I can’t wait to continue practicing this. I’m on my way, Renee.






This year I will tackle FMQing. Bring it on! What goals do you have to conquer in your quilting this year?


23 thoughts on “Tackling My Quilting Fear

  1. Wow, look at your fmq!! Love those flowers! Can’t wait for the details on your new machine!

    Next year i want to conquer my WIPs (some are over a year old!!) and work out the best way to schedule my time with work/hobby!

  2. Is that a new banner at the top?? Love it!! I need to also tackle FMQ and stop sticking to straight line quilting :-). It is just so ominous. Congrats on your finish – can’t wait to see the new machine.

  3. Merry Christmas to you!!!!! It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to hear which one you bought!
    All the best in the new year. xoxo

  4. Can’t believe you did this in a day. Haven’t you only been quilting a year now? Or less? What kind of machine did you get? The work you did is fantastic. I especially love the zig zag stitches and the swirly flowers!

  5. FMQ is still my bane. I’m comfortable with straight-line quilting, but I really want to master the FMQ. I just can’t get the tension right when I try! Your flowers look fabulous!

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