First ’14 Friday Finish

How did you like that alliteration?  Nerdy, I know.  Fourth grade teachers have to get their laughs somehow.  This quilt was quite an adventure.  I bought the fabric, without a plan, drew it out on scrap paper, started cutting, realized I left out measurements, changed it up, trimmed a bit, added a few more inches, and ended up with one of my favorite quilts so far.  Did I mention that cerise is not only a fabric in this beauty, but also the thread color?  Need I say more?



I love the rich, jewel tone colors, the texture from the quilting, the binding colors, and the cows.

Let’s give it up for the cows, people.


I know that with this much negative space that I could have really gone to town with FMQing, but I felt like it was almost too much negative space to start with.  I want to have fun on a few smaller projects first.  Plus, I love how these lines play on the quilts design.


Can you go wrong with a back of Anna Maria Horner fabric and Kona Cotton solids?  Exactly, you can’t.  How have I not started hoarding her fabrics?

And, finally, the binding.  I machine bound this using my method you can find here, and I just love how quickly I can bind a quilt.


I think choosing the binding fabric might be my favorite part of the creative process.  What’s yours?

I’m linking this bad guy up to all the Friday parties, and I’m excited to start the year out strong with a finish.  I’m also looking forward to joining in on the Year of Lovely Finishes this year, and I hope to reflect on my goals this weekend.

For now, you can find this quilt in my new Etsy Shop.  Yes, it’s open, folks!

Final Quilt Stats:

  • Fabric: Various prints from Amy Butler’s Belle fabric line, Florence by Denyse Schmidt, Cerise and Navy Kona Cottons
  • 64 inches x 78 inches
  • Quilted on my Bernina 710
  • Design: my own

I can’t wait to see what other finishes 2014 brings for us…


26 thoughts on “First ’14 Friday Finish

  1. oh it is so gorgeous!!! Possibly my favorite so far, I just love the rich colors and layout. It’s not showing up in your shop (yet?)–did someone buy it already or has it not gotten there yet?

  2. Stunning! I love your jewel color combos! I also just checked out your etsy shop – echoing Renee, did it sell!? If so, that’s totally awesome – you’re on your way to becoming the next Red Pepper Quilts!

  3. First off, I added your shop to my favorites over on Etsy 🙂
    Second, Love the quilt, the colors are fabulous….just like the crowned jewels. The quilting I love – I definitely have a preference for simplicity when it comes to quilting.
    Lastly, loving the cows too 🙂

    Great finish – I can already see you rocking 2014 🙂

  4. Love the quilt and the cows! Yes, the cows are awesome. Are those backdrops in your own “backyard?” Congrats on opening your shop, I’ve got my name “reserved” but haven’t taken the time to list anything. Wishing you the best! – Kate

  5. Big Bertha is doing good work. I’m a big fan of straight line quilting too, where the design needs to speak louder than the quilting. Lovely rich colours. But I’m always going to stitch down my binding by hand; I enjoy those last meditative hours with a quilt, thinking about how it went, and what I learned for the next one.

  6. Having a quick method for binding is perfect – sometimes the quilt just needs to be done. The contrasting thread is lovely. Especially given that it’s such a good colour.

  7. Beautiful jewel colored quilt! Love the quilting and the thread color! Checking out now how you do your binding with your machine-thanks!

  8. Wow! Your first Etsy sale, too! Congrats 🙂 I think the negative space in this quilt was great, and I am giving those cows props. What a fun picture of the quilt. Way to kick off the year.

  9. Ooh I love this quilt! The colors are so bold and your binding choice frames the quilt perfectly. Binding is one of my favorite parts too. It is so fun trying to find the perfect fabric to accent the whole quilt! Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop and selling this quilt! By the way, those cows are seriously awesome!

  10. One of my favorites too! I loved watching you put yourself out there when you bought these fabrics – letting go of any plan or design image in your head and trusting that you would create something beautiful. Hooray for you!!!! And gorgeous it is! xo

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