Sunday Stash

Well, well, well.  I usually shy away from the Sunday Stash posts because, well, sometimes a girls gotta keep her fabric purchases a secret.  You know what I’m saying?  But, now I’m all, “Well, girl, ain’t no shame in your fabric game.”  Plus, the hubs is still well fed and clothed, so we’re doing all right.

Over Christmas I received a gift card to  As if that wasn’t the most perfect gift ever, they were having a 30% off sale and free shipping.  I mean, what?  It was like Christmas on crack.  I had been eyeing the Kaffe Fassett stripped shot cottons since last summer, so I decided to take the plunge.  And, well, since I had oogled them for months, I knew which ones I wanted.  Fabricaholic.  I know.


The box finally came – and I just couldn’t wait to open it.  Of course I had to Instagram my happiness first.


And how funny is Laura from Little and Lots?  That comment got me, especially since I’d be linking up with Molli Sparkles today.  So what was inside the box you ask?  Enough Stripped cottons to make two quilt tops, and two fabulous quilt backs from AMH.  I’m late to the AMH band wagon, but I’m about to make up for a lot of lost time.  


Hello, delicious.  That top checked fabric is the binding for both quilts.  I die.  These colors.  Let’s break it down.


Here are the quilt backs and binding.  AMH is my new quilting guru.  I recently bought the Hand Drawn Garden.  Hooked.  We can talk about that next Sunday.


And the stripped shot cottons.  Y’all.  Is this not the yummiest stack of prints ever?  I’m obsessed.


This box of fabric has got my quilting mojo all excited for what’s to come.  Did I mention that Big Bertha is in the shop?  Things might be slowing down a bit around here, and I’m about to lose my charm if she’s not back soon.  Separation from your sewing machine is too much to handle.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been stashing – and don’t forget – my giveaway closes tonight!  I hope to add to your stash!

Be sure to go check out the other stashes over at Molli Sparkles!



20 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Oooh those are beautiful. I’d be itching to cut into those shot cottons for sure. Hopefully you can get a head start with Nina while Bertha’s away being serviced.

  2. I just love getting those packages in the mail!!! Love the stripes. They should be fun to play with.

  3. SERIOUS fabric envy. Fabric here is about 3 times the price it is in the US, so I have to ration myself carefully. I’d order online, but I believe in supporting the small local quilting shops by purchasing from them. Seeing that gorgeous line-up, I may have to moderate my principles… The stripes! The stripes!

  4. Wow, those striped shot cottons are amazing! I’ve never seen them before, and I thought I’d seen every piece of fabric the internet had to offer! Excellent choices.

  5. I picked up some of those stripes recently and you’re right, they are totes awesome-sauce! Now that you are into AMH I know what I can add to your quilt if it applies 😉 Also, I realized I’ll be seeing you in Feb just in time to actually give to you my starter quilt!!

  6. I loved those kaffe fabrics too, mine is still in a neat pile ready to be used (for like forever). Have I told you I get my fabric delivered to work, hid it in my desk draw (filing cabinet) which is fill….and then I take a little home and spread it out 🙂 yep I know a problem…I definitely relate 😀

  7. I have some of that AMH in my post today too, but only a yard. I’m going to get the quilt top made first, then I figure she has a collection out at least once per year, I should be able to find a backing I *love*.

  8. Lovely! I’ve wanted some of those stripes for ages, but never had a reason to buy them and so never have. But I’ve got a couple books with Japanese quilt blocks that make use of them (or something similar anyway) and are kind of amazing. Someday…

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