WiP Wednesday

Well, well, well.  The name of the game this week with Big Bertha sitting it out on the sidelines in the shop, has been quilt prep.  I’m not letting her weirdass problems get in my way, and she sure as heck better be back up and running this weekend.  OK, universe, I give you two weeks.  But, that’s it.  This girl has some quilts to finish.

Even more than I bargained for now!

I decided to “organize” all of my quilts to prepare for her return.

Here we have the New Terrain quilt:



Yep, all ready for piecing.  God, I love a fabric stack.

Then, then, then.  The Kaffe stripes.  Y’all better sit down for this nonsense.  When I say that his shot cotton stripes are delicious, I mean they are McFabricDreamy.  I cut these beautiful half yards into 5.5 inch squares on Saturday while hanging out with 4 of my favorite NJ ladies (the guild officers of the NJMQG).  And, there are some leftovers that I’m going to turn into pillows for our living room. Y’all know how much my husband LOVES pillows.  Nothing makes him happier than pillows all over the coach… taking over his space… muahahahaha.


These fabrics.  And that’s not all of them.  I need more.

Now I have two more quilts ready to piece.


Currently my assembly line looks like this, not to mention the Chevron quilt I have to finish quilting.


Y’all are loving that Belle Pez dispenser, right?

I bet you searched for it.  Just because gift from the hubs… what?

Yes, Chicopee is still in the plastic wrapping, just like your Gramma’s couch.

So send some love into the universe for Big Bertha and pray that the Bernina doctor has some good news tomorrow.  I can’t handle much longer without her.  God help me if I prep too many more quilts…

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21 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE those stripped shots! You got them the other day and I thought I might die. So gorgeous! Actually, all of it looks pretty delicious. Can we talk about fabric like it’s food? Well, I do. It’s all yummy, and delicious, and mmm…. And yes, I had to search for Belle. And…I do hope Big Bertha comes home soon.

  2. good lord what happened to your brand new machine that it is in the shop so soon and for so long?! All those quilts, ready make magic with! Glad you got the strips, they are gorgeous so far! Your link to the NJ quilt guild site is all fa-schnooked.

  3. HAHAHA! Last winter I was without my machine for 3 weeks and prepped so many projects I still haven’t finished them all!! These WIPs are looking gorgeous 🙂

  4. Sending thoughts to Big Bertha! You are smart to use your time cutting. I dislike cutting so it is good to suck it up and get it done. Those Kaffe stripes remind me for all the world of good handdyed yarn–beautiful depth of color and that shimmer that comes from slight variegation. Love.

  5. Wishing big bertha a good rest and speedy recovery! Sometimes I wish we could tell our sewing machines to take two pills and call us in the morning, no?


  6. You crack me up. I hope Big Bertha gets better soon! I have a stack of quilts prepped, but I blame my children and work for keeping me from sewing. : (

  7. This is why I always have a back up machine (or two or three); you just never know when one of your machines is going to come down with some bug and be laid up for a while. I take it you traded your other machine for the new one?

  8. I’m kind of putting off getting my machine serviced because I know I’ll be in trouble without it. But it sure looks like you put the downtime to good use. Lovely, lovely Kaffe stripes. Poor husband, he’s doomed…

  9. Check you out! So organised and industrious. I use these times of no machine to veg in front of the telly and complain about the lack of machine 😛
    Hope Bertha gets home soon!
    E xx

  10. Good use of your machine down time…but really friggin annoying that she is not co-operating. I must admit when I put machine in for a service I made sure the place had a replacement machine for me… it was an old crappy machine but it sewed in a straight line, which was all I needed.

  11. I haven’t been able to do anything either. My machine is loopy and skipping. It is headed in tomorrow. I just hope it isn’t gone too long. I have swaps due out.

  12. Good luck with your Bernina!! My fingers are crossed for you. 🙂
    I’m so excited to see those piles turn into quilts! And I’m with you on that Kaffe stripe fabric. I especially love that blue, green and grey one in the middle of your picture!

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