Quilt Prep Continues

Y’all.  This year the husband will get a quilt.  A few months ago I was reading up on my quilt blogs, when a certain quilt caught my eye.  I showed my husband and he was even more excited than he usually is by your creations.  I ventured out my saying, “Would you like a quilt like this, it makes me think of you…” and he responded with a quick and emphatic “Yes!”  Alrighty then.  I bought low volume fabrics that reminded me of him that night and a layer cake of Comma to make a quilt almost identical to Sarah’s Positively Relative Quilt that you can find here

And then the fabric sat there.  And sat there.

Until this week!  The Quilt is now entirely cut out, waiting to be pieced together.


I hung out with my girl, NeeNee Leakes, while cutting this quilt out, and she made the experience that much more entertaining.  Am I right, or am I right?



See, everything is ready.

Here’s a preview of some of the delicious low-volume fabrics I purchased.





I might be late to this low-volume party, but the party don’t start til I show up!  Just kidding…

I wonder how long it will be until I piece it now…



22 thoughts on “Quilt Prep Continues

  1. Low volume + Comma = my happy place. I love Comma. I have a big stash that I just can’t bring myself to cut. I’m not sure if it’s fortunately or unfortunately but my good friend asked me to make her a quilt using the Comma… :-/ I’m excited to make her a present, but I don’t know how I feel about all the Comma-y goodness leaving my house 😦
    Lucky you, it gets to stay with you forever! Hope the hubby likes it as much as I do!
    E xx

  2. Now we know you’ve started, and how long you put it off, we’ll be on your case unless we get regular updates! Poor husband, what a wait! Get sewing, girl.

  3. Girl, I see you threw some Chicopee into the mix. Why am I not surprised?!? I’m so excited to see your version, I hope you don’t keep me and your Hubs waiting too long!

  4. The picture of your computer as your tv, with your cutting mat, looks the very same in my room. Love watching “tv” while i create!! Can’t wait to see how the project turns out. I created 15 quilts over the last 15 months, not a one for my hubby either, I have since made him one…..or at least started as well!!

  5. Your husband is one of the lucky few if he gets a quilt that early in your quilting career! I’m on year 5 and the hubs still doesn’t have one of his own…

  6. So lovely! Making quilts for husbands is always a good idea. I started the one for mine when he was just a boyfriend and by the time I finished it he had been upgraded to fiance! 😉

  7. Can’t wait to see what you do with those ….love that moustache fabric 🙂 In fact the combo of glasses and tache would quite strongly resemble my boyfriend!!

  8. I’m excited to see this one. Comma is my favourite line, ever. (At least for now, who knows about next year.) So all Comma quilts get extra love. Making a husband quilt is a little extra bit of fun.

  9. Loving the low volume. Now I can not wait to see the quilt top all done. I have make a quilt for hubby on my 2014 to do list, now I really gave yo make him one! Got to love peer pressure.

  10. Girl, I hope you get your machine back SOON! You have a lot of fun ahead of you! And maybe you should do hubby’s quilt first to make up for the fact that he probably won’t be seeing you for awhile…

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