Sunday Stash

I mentioned this before, but Anna Maria Horner and I are about to make up for some lost time together.  It might have taken me a while to come around to her fabrics, but now we’re set.  And I might have just ordered some more last night…

Well, here’s my latest addition to the stash.




Hand. Drawn. Garden.  Stop it.  These colors.  When the bundle arrived, I thought of my mom.  Over Christmas I asked her to tell me what kind of quilt design she liked… she told me that was too much pressure.  I told her to put on her big girl panties (no, no I actually didn’t.)  Then she found this quilt from Angela over at Brooklyn Quilting Co.  Go ahead, click on it.  It’s worth it.  Divine.  I mulled over guessing the dimensions, etc. but I decided that all quilters are nice people so I emailed her and asked if she could help a sister out.  Using much better writing skills than that, I might add.  Not only did she email me back with help, but she also mentioned that she might be putting together a tutorial – let’s all encourage it!  So, now I have the dimensions and a new quilty friend.  Go check out her blog – her style is very colorful, vintagey, clean – I love it!

So now I get to cut these beauties into 3 x 2 inch rectangles.  Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of TV shows ready to go on my laptop!

Here are some of my favorite prints:


And this is my mom’s favorite print:


And, yes, I promise I’ll iron the fabrics… gahhhhhhh.  Why do they have to freaking crease?!  The struggle!  Oh wait, Just read that Molli Sparkles iron caught on fire. in his hands. while quilting.  Nope. I knew the iron wasn’t safe.  What are you waiting for – go check out the other stashes this week over at Molli Sparkles.  We all need to love on some fabric today.



19 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Those fabrics will be perfection in that quilt. I can’t wait for the tutorial. Aren’t quilters the sweetest people ever? I can’t wait to see your top. Did you get your machine back yet? You probably should start eating PB sandwiches again and invest in a Singer Featherweight, so you have a back up! Happy quilting!

  2. Ashley- get out of my head! 😎 I’ve got this exact quilt on my to do list for 2014. Seriously, we must have dipped into the same quilty kool-aid, cuz we are totally on the same wave length lately! Great minds, right??? BTW- Your new AMH- LOVE IT.

  3. Such pretty fabrics! And going to make a gorgeous quilt too–that pattern your mom picked is very nice! I am on my out to my LQS…for thread only…hahahahahahaaaayeahright.

  4. Fun to see this take shape. I’m in league with your mother on the choices–her fav is mine as well. AMH’s fabrics are always inspirational, aren’t they?

  5. I have yet to make AMH my playmate…blasphemy? Most likely. But the pattern from Brooklyn Quilting Co is going to look stunning, great choice Mom!

  6. Gorgeous fabric!!! I’ve recently fallen in love with AMH as well and have just started looking at her older collections. So good. Love the pattern you’re going to use for this, it’s going to be amazing!

  7. Oh my….such delicious fabrics! I love those rose prints esp the yellow and the mustard one. They kind of remind me of these old watercolour paintings we found left in our house. Can’t wait to see what you do with them 🙂

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