Basting Party

With Big Bertha supposedly returning this Friday (toss up those prayers, people) I’ve been prepping as many quilts as possible.  That meant basting my Kaffe stripes quilt.  I really need to buy yards of this stuff.

I was all set to baste earlier, and then I realized I had organized my quilting room so well that I hid my painters tape from myself.  It is so much better when I’m messy.  This stuff is expensive.


The hubs was kind enough to stay tucked away in his heated blanket while I used his office to baste… but, I will say we’re going to need a larger office pretty soon!


Yes, yes that is AMH fabric.

I set up parenthood and went to town.  Basting is my least favorite part of this process.



I think I know how I want to quilt this, but you guys always have great suggestions.  What quilting technique do you see?  I don’t want to take away from the beautiful stripes!


13 thoughts on “Basting Party

  1. Very, very gorgeous stripes. If it was my quilt, like you, I wouldn’t want to distract too much from them. I think I’d be quilting a small square inside every other square, about half an inch from the seam. For me this quilt is all about the fabric, and the quilting is just to tie the layers together.

  2. How big are the squares? Are you making it to sell? You could quilt in the ditch if the squares are smaller. MY first thought, though, was to quilt lines in the same direction as the stripes in each block. Lots of starting and stopping with that though.

  3. I’m thinking something kind of contrasting to the stripes – something feminine like flowers. I don’t got the skillz for that but I know you do!

    What an amazing backing choice!!

  4. The first thing I though of was an all over design–I don’t think you will distract from those stripes at all! I think a meander/stipple would work, but if it was me I’d want to do a big feather. I also think a dogwood or orange peel would look great!

  5. I think an overall would be the best. A meander or something along that nature. …any straight lines would take away from those gorgeous stripes!

  6. I love the idea of something circular to offset the stripes. If you use Aurifil thread, it’ll just create a lovely texture, rather than be too visible. Love the quilt and your blog!

  7. This looks great! Since straight lines are my only skill at the moment, I’m not sure what I would do. I agree that generic straight lines wouldn’t fit this quilt as well. Good luck!

  8. I definitely think you need to do something with curves. Maybe you could start with an arc in one corner than echo it across the entire quilt?

  9. I think everybody hates basting – I recommend you try spray basting, which makes it very quick. No more pinning for me.

  10. Straight lines in each block following same pattern as the striped block, maybe this will enhance the stripes more?

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