A Lovely Year of Finishes: February

Well, January was a bust.  A few days after posting my goals, my new Bernina 710 headed to the shop.  For a four week stay.  And she’s still not 100% better so she must return in a week.  I’m about to be out of my mind.  So, I’ll lay out these goals, with a bit of uncertainty surrounding them.  I’m also going to factor in that I might be without quilting capabilities for the majority of the month.

Here is what I would love to accomplish in February:

  1. Finish my Cuzco Herringbone quilt
  2. Finish my Kaffe Stripes quilt
  3. Make all of the February blocks for the Gypsy Wife Quilt (omg.  I am so excited!)
  4. Finish my Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts center medallion
  5. Finish two January feather blocks for Rachel, and all of my bee blocks for NJMQG
  6. Baste my Terrain Quilt top

I’m really hoping that Big Bertha’s next trip to the shop is extremely short and 100% productive.  Sweet girl was way too expensive to be needing so much dern attention this quick.

Have I been too lofty with my goals?  We’ll see.  A lot of them are “must finish” so I think that will help!  Plus, they are all goals that I want to finish.  Why does February have to be such a short month?!

Oh, and to reward myself if all is done – True Colors by AMH.  Do you like how I just created my own prize?  hahahaha. I think I might do this every month.  In fact… for March, maybe Wee Wander…


9 thoughts on “A Lovely Year of Finishes: February

  1. Wow, you have a lot of goals! I can’t believe that you are having such problems with your new fancy machine–that sucks. Not a good advertisement for Bernina. You would think at that price point, they would be giving you a free loaner (like they do for fancy cars in the shop!)

  2. I think your shop should provide you with a loaner machine as well — esp since the last time it took 4 weeks and she’s still not fixed.

  3. You must be gnashing your teeth with frustration… My sewing machine’s going in for service when I go to Barbados for 2 weeks in April. (Did you see how I slipped that brag in…?)

  4. Ugh…sorry that Bertha is still not working! This is seriously putting a cramp in your style. I chuckled when I saw that you set your prize; hey, if you accomplish all those goals, you’re going to need more fabric, right?

  5. I think I might need to commit to a list like this…seeing it written down might make me want to achieve it all the more…not that I’m lacking motivation, just time. 28 days, I mean really!? Entirely separate topic but…RHOA…I am dying!

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