WiP Wednesday

With Big Bertha’s temporary return  we’re quilting as much as we can!  For February, I’m hoping to finish quilting three quilt tops.  Two of the tops are already basted and ready to go, and the other top is almost finished.  This Cuzco Chevron quilt top was made last January as part of the Sew Can She chevron challenge.  Yes, I’m just now getting around to quilting it.  I wanted to try FMQ on this one instead of straight lines, so I held out until I had my new machine.


I’m loving the texture of the stipple.  It’s been a little challenging to keep the stipples the same size, but the beauty is that you can’t tell because the quilt is so busy.


I just had to take a break to get a picture of this … the purr of the machine put him to sleep.

Quilting is done… time to square it up!


What tips do you have to make this part of the process go smoother?

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10 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I love Terrain!!!! It makes me smile to see all the beautiful colors! What part of the process are you asking to make it easier? The quilting process? The squaring up process? I have been quilting my own quilts for years…..so much cheaper! 🙂 My favorite things that aid the process is a supreme slider to help the quilt slide easier through the machine and machinger gloves…which you have..:) keep at it! I love your blog! 🙂

    • Great question, Jess! The squaring up- I can never for the life of me get it perfect. Ever. And would you believe I just lost my machingers. Five minutes ago. What in the world! I’ve heard of the supreme slider- I definitely need to check that out! Thanks!!

      • Oh…I see. 🙂 That part I don’t worry too much if it isn’t exactly square. Unless its going to be hanging on a wall I have found that squaring up isn’t the most crucial in making it perfect…..it just kinda doesn’t happen with me either! And yes! The supreme Slider is just a silicon sheet that you lay on the bed of your machine its a little spendy but so worth the money! 🙂

  2. I love me some Machingers! I was skeptical, but tried a pair, and couldn’t believe the difference they made! (I don’t worry to much abt squaring up most of my projects, shhhh…)

  3. I think squaring up may be my least favorite part! It’s so frustrating and some quilts I’ll try for over an hour and trim around the edge several times to no avail. Soooo…most of the time I try to get it good enough–quilts I intend to show I spend more time on, but thankfully they’re usually smaller!

  4. Hold up, we’re supposed to square up these suckers? I kid. I also haven’t done so on most of mine though because they are little baby quilts and stay purdy darn square. Does Forrest have a big T-square lying around? T-squares can be helpful. I feel like this is something nerdy he may have hidden in that tidy office of his…

  5. Go to the hardware store and get yourself a set square. Straighten one edge. Line up the set square on that edge to get a 90 degree angle and use the set square to line up your ruler. Run the ruler up the edge in small increments, so that at least half of it is covering and parallel to the part you’ve already cut, which will keep the line straight. Use the set square at the next corner, and the next, till you’re done.

  6. Love the stippling it looks great. I wish I’d bought more Cuzco, bought some, went back for more and it had all gone EVERYWHERE (in uk)! 😦 I’m rubbish at squaring up so no tips from me!! Will be reading what others have to say. I try, but I don’t know how straight it stays while I’m working my way along the side. It can’t be that bad though cos I can’t notice!!

  7. It is so pretty! I can’t wait to see the finish with that gorgeous binding you chose!

    Squaring up is so frustrating for me sometimes. It seems like the edges are never close to perfect, no matter how accurate I try to be! I take a square ruler and square up the corners first, making sure that I am keeping the borders the correct size (sometimes I end up taking a small amount off the borders). Then I take a long 72″ ruler that I got from hardware store and line it up with the corners on one side. Cut and repeat with the other sides. If there are no borders and there are points on the blocks, I use my 24″ ruler and hope for the best! I read that some people go even further and wet the quilt to “block” it, like you do with yarn work. I don’t think I’ll ever do that! 😀

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