Home Stretch

Oh yes, my favorite part!  The Binding!

I just love binding a quilt and seeing it finally come together.  Nothing makes me happier.  As always (unless it’s a baby quilt) I machine bound this quilt using my Binding Tutorial method.  It took me one hour and ten minutes to bind this 60 x 72 inch quilt.  Say what?!


For the first time, I almost had the seams on the binding match up to a corner!


And yet I don’t think I’ll ever take the extra step of laying the binding out to double check.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  (Unless you do, and more power to you!)


This is my happy place.  Sitting under an almost finished quilt.  And seeing perfect corners doesn’t hurt either!  I swear though, is there any way to get great photos of a quilt while it’s on the sewing machine?!  That light just kills me.


9 thoughts on “Home Stretch

  1. Gah this quilt is just so pretty! I didn’t know having the binding seam at the corner was a good thing–I hate when the seam is near the corner because it adds so much bulk (and I miter the seams). In fact I usually (ok, when I remember, which is like 50% of the time) try to plan out where to start the binding just to avoid the seams being within like 6 inches of the corners.

  2. Love these fabrics. I am getting ready to start one in the Cuzco. I love the binding you picked.

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