Friday Finish

I am so happy to share this finish today!  This quilt is so very special, as it was the very first quilt top I actually finished.  I started this quilt on 1/20/2013, and finished the quilt top on 1/31/2013.  Also, this quilt won the Sew Can She challenge for their It’s a New Year Sewalong.  So, I love this quilt.  It was one of those: I saw the Herringbone block on Pinterest, the Internet turned it into a QAL, I just had to rush order fabric, and then I sewed all night kind of projects.  Oh wait – that is almost all of them.  Yes, you are correct, though.  It’s now February 7, 2014 and here is the finished quilt.

Last year when I started quilting I made many quilt tops before I ever made a complete quilt.  However, my goal last year was to quilt all of the quilt tops I had accumulated during my stage of quilting fear.  This one was 1 of 3 that I didn’t finish. Whoops. The other two are going to have to wait.



In Jersey you can have the full snow or half snow effect.  It’s great.


I adore the back of this quilt.  It’s got two of my favorite Cuzco prints, and then a beautiful grey and teal plaid that I never would have chosen on my own had I not bought way too little fabric way back in the days of quilting infancy.  However, I think it is stunning.  This might be on of my favorite quilt backs yet!


I quilted it with a stipple which is oh so hard to capture on film, but I love how it crinkled up so nicely.


Still can’t see it?  But I worked so hard on my very first stipple!


And then here’s the binding – my favorite part.  Always.


I love this image my husband captured during our photo shoot.  This is what quilters do to get the shot.

Even if we wore Toms out …



To me, this quilt represents the excitement and energy that made me fall in love with quilting.  This quilt is the baby that got my blog going, introduced me to so many friends, and it’s the first quilt I ever showed at my Modern Quilt Guild.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the excitement of this Friday Finish!

I’m linking this up to every Friday party I can find.


30 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. Awesome finish! Love that fabric and the pattern. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about my first quilt and how special they really are! Mine took a long time to actually finish too:)

  2. Looks amazing! I love that line – of course I fell in love long after it was readily available. 😀 And congrats on the stipple. I still can’t do that one, it always turns into loops.

  3. Congratulations on your great quilt finish! Sometimes good things need more time to get completed. But they are always worth it! I have even some “older” UFOs hidden in the wardrobe and I am starting to dig them up one by one. Barbora

  4. Yaayy! It’s a glorious, cheerful, bright, beautiful quilt. I love that first photo with only the black and white in the background, but the lighting doesn’t do the quilt justice! That second photos is like whoa, pretty.

  5. It’s so gorgeous, colorful, crazy. You. I’m so proud that you FMQ’d the whole thing! And it looks amazing against the white of the snow. Now go put on some socks.

  6. I love everything about this quilt! And you started it on my birthday so it must be for me (lol). Congrats on another beautiful finish!

  7. Really beautiful quilt! I might need to do a scrappy herringbone quilt, instead of a scrappy squares quilt. : )

  8. You should be proud. It’s a beautiful quilt. You took those close ups of the lilac fuchsia prints for me, didn’t you, because you know I love them. No? Well, I love them anyway. And you’re right about the back. Simple but satisfying. Well done.

  9. ❤ ❤ ❤ it's gorgeous! A great story for a beautiful quilt 🙂 Seriously, you must be freezing.

  10. That’s absolutely beautiful. What fabric line did you use? Or is it a mixture of several? Love your blog, too.

  11. Great, beautiful finish! I think we all have quilt tops hanging in our closets, a much prettier version of those nasty skeletons :). Best, Kate

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