Sunday Stash

I didn’t sign up for the fabric stash, but I think it’s sort of rubbing off on me.  I’ve been trying to be much more frugal with fabric purchases, and I’ve been pulling quite a few projects from my stash instead of ordering new fabric.  Lord knows I have enough in there for way too many quilts.  However, sometimes you gotta buy quilt backs, and sometimes stores have great sales and it’s almost a crime not to buy fabric on sale.  

Here’s my loot this week:


First we can start with that bottom pink, because it’s 5 yards and I wasn’t about to iron that for a closeup.  Kaufman Cotton Couture.  I’m using this as the quilt back for my ScrapBeeLicious quilt, and it is so soft.  Plus I got it for like 3 dollars a yard.  SAY WHAT?


A few more fabrics for The Gypsy Wife bin…. 



And I bought my husband’s quilt back!

Speaking of which, I finished the final block last night:



How can that not make a mathematician happy?

I’ve decided that the only time math makes me happy is on quilt fabric, or when I’m using it to calculate discounts on fabric.  There’s only enough room in my marriage for one math nerd and this lady is not it.  

I hope you’ve all found some great deals on fabric, but for now I’m going to try and hold off on purchasing any more.  That is until I break down and buy True Colors by AMH.  Linking up with Sunday Stash being held over at Kate Quilts!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. $3 dollars a yard is fantastic! And it will make such a pretty quilt back! I showed your quilt block to my husband–he has a Master’s in applied math and works as an analyst Government Man–sorry to says, but it didn’t make him happy. Maybe throw in some higher level, obscure equations? Oh, he says he wants more color in it–I think you can appreciate that! 😉

  2. Hey. Molliesparkles ?? will love your frugal purchases. Read his post about how much a quilt actually costs.

  3. $3 a yard is fantastically good. My challenge to myself for my upcoming Happiness quilt is to piece the backing from my scrap bin. Large bits, not some stupidly tiny pieces, but scraps even so. Then I’ll feel less guilt about buying the charm packs for the front… I can’t wait to see the Mathematician’s Quilt!

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