A Whole New Terrain

I wrote about this quilt, A Whole New Terrain, over a month ago.  It’s finallllllllly coming together.  It’s gratifying to see an impulsive design come together so well, and I’m loving all of these bright colors together.  Of course, it’s giving my husband anxiety that I’m not planning my quilts better to coordinate with the weather in photo shoots.  I kid you not – he takes his job as quilt photographer very seriously.  I agree, though.  This isn’t going to be easy to photograph this one in the snow.  Where are you spring?!


With Juan Pablo’s help I was able to stitch up the front and the back this weekend, and now I just have to motivate myself to baste this quilt.  Blah to that.


Almost there (now it’s done, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go outside in the cold and photograph anything else)…

And my first scrappy back:


Baby steps from the usual two panel look!

I can’t wait to finish this one up – hopefully this weekend if I get to basting soon enough.  How would you quilt this?  I can’t decide with the extra white space…


8 thoughts on “A Whole New Terrain

  1. If I was super awesome at quilting, I would do zigzag feathers through the white and just simple straight lines through the colors. But since I’m not, it would mostly be straight lines, with maybe a small narrow section of white filled in with pebbles for interest (and practice!) Does that make sense at all?

  2. The best things about photographing quilts in the snow are how awesome they look with all the white and the amazing natural light flected up on the quilt from the snow. I mean, you can’t get much better than that without having yet another person come help with the photoshoot and hold up a (much smaller) reflector! What kind of quilting are you planning in the color blocks?

  3. I think my vote is for some straight line quilting or something circular to compliment all of the square angles… have fun brainstorming ideas on pinterest! – Kate

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