WiP Wednesday

Y’all.  Dogwood quilting is the business.  Sucks on the shoulders, but I am completely enamored with this look.  I am so happy that so many of you suggested a curvier, more feminine approach to quilting this quilt.  I am so torn about selling this quilt – it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites (but I just keep telling myself I can make it again!)

First one:



Getting better!

Bless his heart:


I just keep telling him we need a new house with a separate studio.


I’m officially obsessed with this.  Even though it takes forever, I will be using the Dogwood again!


26 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I have the same model of husband. So long as I’m happy and contented and up to my neck in fabric, he’s happy too. He’s getting really good at asking if I need new rotary cutter blades, or thread, or batting, or how about a fat quarter or two whenever we visit the fabric store… And that’s a beautiful quilt, even more so now you’ve quilted it. Nice work, ma’am.

  2. Supportive partners are the best. Mine used to complain about all of the threads and the noise of my machine, but then he bought me a “quieter” machine and is very proud of himself.

  3. My husband’s office (he works from home) is on the clear other side of the apartment from my sewing machine. Of course that’s only about 20ft… I think I need to do a simple patchwork quilt to try dogwood quilting – it looks so pretty!!!

  4. That looks really good! I love how the curves of the quilting soften up the lines of the fabric. Every time I see what you are working on, it reminds me I must start sweet-talking the Hubs into getting a new machine 🙂

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