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It’s time to start using some of my Chicopee.  A collection which has grown even larger than this picture and is spiraling out of control.  In the best way possible.  Here’s where you come in.  I’m now in three bees.  ScrapBeeLicious, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts, and a Block Party with NJMQG.  I’ve already received my blocks for the ScrapBeeLicious group (the are fantastic).  I still need to make my center medallion for the traveling quilt – I have too many ideas.  AND, I just bumped myself up from August to March for the Block Party quilt.   Mercy.

Since I’ll have to cut out the quilt, I need to start thinking about it quickly and commit to an idea.  I want to use Chicopee as the main fabric line.  This fabric goes so well with our house colors, my husband and I both love it, and it’s the perfect way for me to keep my favorite fabric for eternity.  So, today’s Sunday Stash is dedicated to what block I should do to showcase my the fabric love of my life. (Oh the mellow drama of a young quilter!  hahaha)

Here are some of my thoughts so far:

  • X-Plus quilt
  • Swoon quilt
  • Kaleidoscope Quilt where the blocks alternate between the Blue and Pink lines to create the circles. 
  • Drunkard’s Path

And, yes, I’m fully aware that I already own a Chicopee quilt.


When I made my Chicopee Stripes quilt, the purpose was so that I could learn to quilt.  I need to practice quilting a larger quilt, and now that I feel more comfortable with my quilting, I want to showcase the fabrics in a fabulous way.  Since I keep it wrapped up in it’s plastic, I want to give it the special treatment.  Hit me with your best shot – I always love your ideas!

21 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. I wouldn’t sew a drunkard path or kaleidoscope quilt with the “fabric love of my life” unless I was VERY comfortable with curves. Since you don’t have any quilts in your finishes with those types of curves, I’d suggest going for a different challenge. Either working with biased edges in the Arkansas Traveller quilt mentioned above, or some variation. Or the x-plus quilt for a challenge matching so many points with both strip piecing and diagonal edges.

  2. X + or Swoon would be fantastic ! I couldn’t imagine a quilt that wouldn’t work with your stash.

  3. I think the swoon would be nice. Easy to make a big quilt and you see a lot of each fabric. All would look great I am sure!

  4. Kaleidoscope Quilt — a friend of mine just did one of these using saltwater in the same fasion you are talking about and it looks great. The pieces are large enough that you would still showcase the fabric nicely.

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