WiP Wednesday

This week I’ve been in need of some sewing machine therapy.  Thank God for the baby quilts.  This was just the size project I needed to work on, and let’s be honest, that I had time to work on this week.



The hubs was oh so gracious to let me use his floor…


I decided to try some FMQing on this top, especially since I’m making it for a family member and they are more forgiving.  Plus, I’m only going to get better if I practice, right?


I love these little boxes!


Binding is up next  – not sure about this binding choice…


18 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. Love the quilting on this! That fabric perfect for binding quilts, but what do you think of it next to the border? Don’t get me wrong, I think it will work…it just depends on if you want the binding to blend or pop. For blending, it’s fabulous. Also, it’s Comma, and all things Comma are awesome. But you already know that!

  2. Great idea on quilting boxes in a charm square quilt. I’m about to put together a second Christmas charm square quilt and I’m going to copy your idea!

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