Quilty Friends

Y’all continue to blow my mind.  Whether it’s surprise packages, caring emails, funny comments, or pictures on Instagram, you are wonderful friends.  The quilting community has such an amazingly positive and generous spirit – and I’m so glad I took the plunge last year and created this blog.  I didn’t realize how much my life would be blessed.  #mushyoverload

This past Thursday Jessica over at Quilty Habit joined us at the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  Now.  Jessica is one of the first quilty friends that I made.  She was so open and kind when I first started commenting on her blog (back in the day when all I did was make quilt tops because I was too afraid to actually quilt one.)  Since I found out that she would be joining us, I had been counting down the days!  It was so exciting to see her walk through the door and finally meet her in person!  I even told her, “I looked for your car when I got here in case you could join me for dinner.”  Which yes I know her car because of instagram and her blog – which made us chuckle!  Now we also have each other’s digits and tentative plans for a sewing date in April.  I’m so excited!

BUT, that’s not even the good stuff.  As if this wasn’t exciting enough – she made me a gift.  I have no words.



She started making me this wall hanging before I even posted about wanting to make X-Plus chicopee squares. She obviously gets me – and how wonderful is the quilting on this?!  



Can you tell how excited we were to be hanging out?  Don’t you love my cheesin?  I am seriously so excited to have this wall hanging and I love that she thought of me and made me this with my favorite fabric.  Blown away.




Also, genius that she is, she used two six inch charm squares to make the the folds!  Love it.




I love the name, because chicopee is my adored fabric – but this gift is such a treasure to me because it just affirms how beautiful and special my blogging friendships are.  

Jess, thank you so much for your sweet friendship – from the very early days of this blogging journey.  I look forward to many more fun memories, and I’m so glad I have a piece of you now to hang up!


12 thoughts on “Quilty Friends

  1. I totally read your hash tag as ‘mush your load’…what…? Kinda jealous of both you awesome ladies got to meet the other! We need to see this quilt in it’s new home!

  2. That is so cool! How fun to meet each other…feels a little like we are stalkers when we meet our online friends in person! You feel like you know so much about them, but have never seen them:) I just joined the MQG in my area this week, loved it. Planning to go to Quilt Con in 2015. I know I will run into some of my bloggy friends so I am excited:)

  3. ♡♡ thank you for being such an awesome friend! I am so glad you love it and I can’t wait to see where you hang it!! I also can’t wait for all the quilty adventures we are going to have. 🙂 bring. It. On.

  4. crafty friends are the bestest! It’s so funny when non-quilters/knitters whatever seem surprised that we crafty folk LOVE crafty gifts- but we know better than anyone how much love goes into them!

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