Gypsy Wife Quilt

I didn’t think I was going to make the February deadline for blocks.  However, once I got started making these beauties, I couldn’t stop!  Now, I don’t want to wait – this quilt is addicting.

For February, Michelle laid out the Color Wheel and Pinwheel blocks.  Get ready for some seriously fun blocks:

photo 5

photo 4

Two words: Fussy Cut.

photo 1

I thought I was going to hate the mini pinwheels – surprise I LOVE this block!

photo 2

Still got my cerise in there – AMH style!

photo 3

So, there you have the February blocks!  Now that I’ve realized how much I love these blocks, it’s going to be hard to pace myself with this quilt.  Who else is doing this QAL?!


17 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Quilt

  1. I’m not doing this one, but, I’m having the same piecing issues with my Tula city sampler blocks! Holding myself back was hard this month! LOVE your blocks in these fab fabrics!

  2. It is so fun watching you make quilts because what you pick is SO different from what I would pick, but they turn out so pretty! I already want to come steal this one from you.

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