Sunday Stash

So, I said that if I accomplished all of my February goals, I would treat myself to fabric.  Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors line, to be exact.  I almost finished my goals, but overall my February was extremely productive, so I bit the bullet and put in the order.  Plus a low volume fat eighth pack.  Just for the record, is there anything sadder than a fat eighth pack?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it.  But now I want YARDS of these fabrics.

Y’all.  AMH’s true colors.  I just can’t.  How am I even going to cut these?



I can’t wait to start adding these prints to the Gypsy Wife quilt, and I have to say – it’s getting to the point where I’m going to be able to make quilt a few AMH quilts.  Which is definitely not a problem.


The scissors?!

One of my fabric goals this year is going to be to build up my low volume stash.  I know that you like my idea of a fabric goal.   hahahaha.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Great choice in the True Colors.

    LOL…I was just thinking about you. The melting pot (fondue place) is having a ladies night to celebrate Mardi Gras and I thought, if Ashley was here I would be sending it along to see if she wanted to go 🙂

  2. You know, you just have to make a quilt which is all 12″ squares of the AMH fabrics. Just so you can look at big pieces of fabrics and don’t have to cut them up too much… I had your blog open and the photo of the fabrics was in the middle of the screen, and my husband said “that’s Ashley’s blog, isn’t it?”. My husband. You know, a man…. He recognised your blog from the fabric choices…. So yes, you have a little AMH problem, girl. Don’t try and hide it with those low volume fabrics!

  3. Love the AMH fabrics….amazing. Delighted that you are doing the Gyspy Wife quilt. You will just love it!! Have a great week……….Marie x

  4. The scissors! Squee!! Even though I’m not allowed to shop anymore, I share the low volume goal too 😉 Those True Colors are gorgeous…makes me wanna sing Cyndi Lauper! Lol

  5. I like F8 pages if I’m buying it for something in particular, but it really sucks when you go to shake it out and it’s just this little… napkin of fabric, instead of a flowing sheet of the stuff 😀 (Also: those scissors are awesome.)

  6. Of course I love the AMH bundle, I’ve been drooling over it for months! But that low vol bundle is perfect. Did you put that together yourself, or was it pre-bundled and if so, from where? Cuz my low-volume stash is severely lacking.

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