Basting Party

Winter might still be hanging around up here in Jersey, but I’m doing everything in my power to bring Spring back!  In time for my February Goals, I basted the Terrain inspired quilt, and I’m so excited to finish this up.  It’s going to be 56 inches x 70 inches, and I’m going to do wavy quilting.

The husband was more than happy to lend me his office…


Sneak peak at my first pieced back.

Baby steps, people.


See.  Doesn’t this just scream Spring?!


Who actually likes basting?!




Ten points to the first person who gets that reference.


17 thoughts on “Basting Party

  1. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

    I do not enjoy basting but try to remember that the quilt will be one step closer to completion. The quilt is beautiful, btw.
    : )

  2. I like basting when it’s done. I have floor envy – all my large floor spaces are carpeted, which makes basting take twice as long as it should while you make sure you haven’t pinned through the carpet…

  3. Let’s not forget about the “dog factor” when basting. I have to keep my pup in the other room so she won’t romp around on the quilt while i am trying to baste. She thinks I am on the floor waiting to play with her on the “doggie play mat”. lol

  4. Love that pieced back! I don’t necessarily like basting, but I like it better than some other parts. I’ve decided that my very least favorite point is when the quilt top is 50% to 75% done. The end isn’t really in sight, the newness has worn off. It’s hard work for me to push through that.

  5. I am not very good at basting because I don’t have the adequate space to do it in this apartment. I love love love a good pieced backing though — put that scrap fabric to good use!

  6. I just spent two hours and three episodes of Burn Notice crawling around on the floor to pin baste the other night. Painter’s tape is my friend too! And, let me tell you, after that ordeal, the Kwik Klip is on my birthday list!

  7. Bueller? (I know, I’m not first, but can I have 5 points?) I hate basting- in large part because I usually have to move furniture to even get the floor space I need. And by the end my knees hurt… whine.

  8. Have any of you used Elmer’s school glue to baste? It washes out, and I’ve actually had good luck with it. There’s got to be a good reason not to use it, but I like it. If you try it out, be sure to get the school glue, not just Elmer’s.

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