Friday Finish

My Terrain quilt is finished.  With this quilt, I am screaming, “Come.on.Spring.”  I had so much fun pulling fabrics for this quilt, mixing fabric lines, and creating the measurements myself.  I love these bright fabrics and the backing fabric from Kate Spain’s Terrain line of fabric is definitely one of my top-ten favs.  I scored two yards of it this summer.  Such.a.rookie.mistake.  Two yards is child’s play for a fabric like this.  Remember, whoever dies with the most fabric wins.

It’s now been washed and dried, listed in my Etsy Shop, and sold to one of the best people I met in college.  I still remember the first time I met her in her tie-dye t-shirt (instant sign that we’d be friends) and said, “Hey, wanna get dinner?”  Friendship was inevitable as we lived across the hall from another, both tolerated an intense level of mess, shared a love of Taco Bell, and have an extraordinary love of sarcasm.  She saw the first picture I posted of my initial layout of this quilt on Instagram and nabbed it in it’s early stages.  I love knowing she has this quilt, and I definitely quilted in loving thoughts, meditating on special memories we have shared through the years.

Oh, college, I miss you.

[So thankful for our friendship]

Here’s Anna’s new Terrain Quilt.  I hope every time she uses it that she knows how much I love her.


The quilting.  I die.


I set my quilt to the wavy stitch and just changed how far apart the waves were.  Genius and fast.


Perfect Corners on my binding.  HEEEEY.

And, for my favorite part, the back:


The print on the left was my inspiration for this quilt.  I love Kate Spain.

Here’s to my 20th finished quilt.  So glad this beauty now lives with a kindred spirit.  Happy Friday to ya, and let’s keep on welcoming Spring until she decides to show her lovely face.


26 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. Love this! What a beautiful finish! How nice for you to know the quilt will be cherished by your friend. : )

  2. I love this quilt!! The design is gorgeous – thanks for sharing! I am going to pin it to my Quilt & Sew board on Pinterest.

  3. wow, 20 finished quilts, for real? You’re amazing 🙂 And this quilt is amazing! That’s so great that it will live with a friend and that you were able to create it with her in mind.

  4. Love you right back, Ashley! It turned out beautifully! Great idea on the wavy quilting. There is nothing more beautiful than a quilt made with all the love you poured into it knowing it was going to such a dear friend. So sweet and special. xo

  5. Wow, love the colours and the quilt. Having just finished a binding on my own quilt I am in awe of your corners! You need to come do mine- no really, you do..

  6. Beautiful finish! Love the quilting too, perfect for the design. I bet there were tears of joy with this beauty.

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