Sunday Stash

I just love fabric.  What did I do before collecting pretty fabric?  Get manicures?  Fabric is so much better.  But, I would still like a manicure.  I digress.  Ain’t nobody got money for everything.  And if you do, don’t tell me.

This week I bought a few staples.  Two of which were 100% necessary as the fabric is slowly going away!



I bought this beautiful AMH print from her Hand Drawn Garden for the back of my mom’s quilt – which is yet to be finished, cut, or even started.  At least I’m prepared.


This beautiful AMH print – Social Climber in Gold is for my own medallion quilt for The Sisterhood of the traveling quilt.  Y’all.  I am so excited about this one and I went and bought 3 yards of this stuff to make pillows, add borders, and send it to any of my traveling quilt friends who want some! It is the best print ever.  Don’t buy any though, bc it’s seriously sparse and I might want more!


Two words:  Gray Linen.

I bought this for a project I’m going to make with my Chicopee scraps… yes!  I’m cutting into my chicopee this week!


I saved the best for last.

I bought 5 yards of the Field Study Velveteen in Midnight.

This will be the back of my medallion quilt – and I can’t stop touching this!  This is the best fabric ever and I’m so annoyed that I’ve never backed a quilt in velveteen before.  Actually, as long as I back my own it’s OK.  haha.

I feel like these staples were completely necessary.  Don’t you?


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Amazing. So much Anna Maria. Love it. And did you get the last of that Velveteen in midnight or did you just send it to a baby bolt? Your spidey sense knew that I was thinking about it, didn’t it?

  2. Yes. These were completely necessary. I bought some of the social climber AMH print months ago to make a skirt of it, and now I’m kicking myself. Why didn’t I buy enough for a dress? That would have been the smart thing to do? Alas, I digress. At least I have some, right? That’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂

  3. Oh, totally necessary…. Who needs manicures? Pedicures, yes, a necessity of life, especially in this climate. I was surprised when you said the AMH print wasn’t for Gypsy Wife, it seemed like the obvious destination.

  4. The gold social climber is probably my favorite AMH fabric… I’m making a whole cloth quilt with it…would love the velveteen in the saffron 🙂 is it super heavy?

  5. I’m currently working on a Swoon using grey linen for the background – it’s going really well so far. I’m using a slightly shorter stitch length and slightly wider seam allowances just in case of fraying. I’m debating backing it in velveteen or fine wale corduroy, depending on what colors I can find. I think it’ll add great, snugly weight!

  6. I would vote for fabric for sure :-)….So glad you found more of AMH that you like…I will keep an eye out for something for you and post photos on instagram, when I tour her studio next month at sew down.

  7. You. Kill. Me. I was literally debating getting a mani/pedi or a FQ bundle as my birthday present to myself yesterday………,and, thanks to my IG feed, we know how that went don’t we!?!? I really do need to get the nails done though. It’s getting to be flip flop weather down here. (Anything over 50 degrees is flip flop weather in my book!) Great haul… I’m drooling over it all!

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