Baby Quilt

A few months back I found this wonderful, whimsical, and colorful fabric.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use it as a quilt back:


There is so much to love here!

For the front, I decided to pull out the beautiful colors in the back and create a simple rainbow.  Two charm packs later, I was happy.  Plus, it was quick and painless.


I have a list of tasks miles long, but this weekend I was able to chain stitch away for this quilt and last night I basted it.  This has been the world’s longest week, and sometimes you just need a few minutes of fabric therapy.  Who knows when I’ll get around to quilting it, but the basting is done!




Why do I have so much to do?  All I want to do is quilt, quilt, quilt!


8 thoughts on “Baby Quilt

  1. I’m so with you – why can’t there be more time to quilt? At least you got some fabric therapy in! The baby quilt is adorable and I love the backing fabric. Friendly tip – don’t close your basting pins when you put them back in the jar – it’s a simple step and over the course of all the pins, will save you a lot of time having to closed and then re-open them. Just make sure to shake them out of the jar onto the lid so you don’t stab yourself with 4 pins like I did…

  2. I bought yardage of a fabric just to make a quilt back as well 😉 This one is adorable and I love that you kept it simple on the front. I’m not very good at that LOL

  3. Quilt quilt quilt!! Tell me about it. This is such a cute idea for a baby quilt! Lots of pretty things to look at, colors they can grow into (Aurelia would love naming all the colors and buggies!).

  4. Perfect! I have a piece of that fabric, too. I want to do a whole cloth quilt and FMQ around the design. What fun, right??? Maybe in my spare time …

  5. It’s funny how we get like that, isn’t it?! I’m addicted to my machine at the moment but haven’t been able to get to it for over a week! Aargh!! It’s going to be a fabulous quilt – love the backing too!

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