Gypsy Wife QAL March Link-Up

Hello Gypsy Wife quilters, and welcome to the March Link-Up.  I’m so glad you’re here because it means you not only completed your March blocks, but that you’re one step closer to having a completed Gypsy Wife Quilt!  On Sunday, April 6, 2014 I’ll randomly select a winner for this months giveaway – a bundle of an April Showers Dots Fat Quarter Bundle from Alice over at Fresh Modern Fabric!  If you haven’t checked out her shop on Etsy, take a moment to do so now.  She has a great selection of fabrics, and plenty of delicious bundles to choose from.


This month’s blocks were so much fun to make… except I haven’t even finished my own!  That dang Pershing block is still not finished, so I’ll be rushing to beat the link-up myself!  What a host I am, late to my own party.  Instead of showing you all of my blocks, I’ll post what I have and some other beautiful eye candy from this month!

My March Blocks to date:


Beautiful Blocks from Julie of 627Handworks:


Great Work from Megan of Jaffa Quilts:


Finally, some stunners from Sarah Elizabeth over at No Hats in the House:


For more eye candy be sure to head over to the flickr stream – there’s endless inspiration for sure!  Also… if you’ve yet to join in on this crazy QAL hosted by one of my personal favorite people, Michelle of Factotum-of-Arts, we’re only two months in – and if I’m any indication, you can get behind!  Let’s go people, join in!  This quilt is so much fun, and the randomness of the design really makes it fun to chose fabric.  You can’t go wrong!

Now, here’s this month’s Link-Up!

I’ll be back next Sunday with the winner!

No on to making my Pershing block….

7 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife QAL March Link-Up

  1. Too fabulous. It is making me want to join in… I have a sneaking suspicion I will be making this quilt in a year or so when the QAL is over, wishing I was not late to the party.

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