In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

Well, March is finally over.  It wasn’t all bad.  In between random snow and too much work, I turned 29 and traveled to Jamaica.  Not bad, eh?  So, how much did I accomplish this month towards A Lovely Year of Finishes?  A lot… but not everything.

  • Terrain Quilt, Quilted and Sold
  • March Gypsy Wife blocks (almost – dang Pershing block)
  • Cut out my NJMQG Block Party Quilt and distribute on March 20th
  • Finish Rachel’s block, NJMQG block, ScrapBeeLicious March block (I swear I will catch up!)
  • Add to Jess’ Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts and mail it off!
  • Baste my husband’s quilt (ain’t nobody got time for that)

Here’s the big goal I set for this month all finished:

photo 3

Almost all of the March Gypsy Wife Blocks:

photo 5

And here’s what I managed to squeak out in the last few remaining minutes of March:


I finished my contribution to Jess’ quilt for our Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts!


I made all the Churn Dash blocks… which now I’m looking to make a whole quilt.  Love.

If March has taught me anything, it is this:


Finally, here’s a little bit of Jamai-zing for you!

For April I’m trying to narrow down my focus, and I hope to be a bit smarter about what I want to accomplish… most importantly my Chicopee Quilt.  Most urgent: My Bee Blocks.  Holy Cow.


12 thoughts on “In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

  1. My big plan for April (a commissioned quilt) got canceled…so now I think I’ll spend the month screwing around with little projects for swaps and stuff. Get Jess’s quilt out to me soooooooon! I only have maybe 3 of all of those fabrics.

  2. I WANT THAT T-SHIRT!! Off to Barbados today, back on April 17. Not much quilting will get done, but I’ll be able to make progress with my embroidery, and who knows what kind of local fabrics I’ll be able to pick up…

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