WiP Wednesday

You guys.  Progress is being made on my Block Party Chicopee quilt, and I am smitten!  At my last NJMQG meeting I passed out 12 sets of flying geese blocks.


Gorgeous, right?

Right after handing these out, I left for Spring Break so I haven’t had a chance to start make the additional 12 blocks for the finished quilt.  However, bee mates have started posting finished blocks on Instagram!


I’m so excited I can’t even stand it.

Of course this inspired me last night to begin prepping for the blocks I have to complete for this quilt.  I am ready to have this quilt on my couch because one can never have too much Chicopee in their living room.  Am I right, or am I right?


Chilling with the Housewives.

So now I’m ready to sew!


As a side note, I watched the most recent episode of The Good Wife while marking these flying geese last night.  Does anyone watch that show?  If so, email me so I can have someone to debrief with!  Quilt on, friends!


12 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. Oooo, the first of many Chicopee quilts to be seen here. 😀 I used to watch it, but haven’t been caught up for over a year – sorry. 😦 Hope you find someone though!

  2. I have a secret emergency stash of Chicopee… just a few of my favorite prints that I am going to hold onto until you run out… then I will send you more… Ashley should always have Chicopee in her stash.

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