Sewing with Friends

Last night, my good friend Sarah over at Sarah Quilts hosted a Friday Night Sewalong.  Be sure to check out the hashtag #fridaynightsewalong to see all of the goodies created last night.  I decided to work on my Bee quilt, otherwise known as the epic Chicopee quilt that I can’t stop talking about.  (Sorry, not sorry!)

After all, like any good teacher, I had all the blocks neatly stacked with paper clips… duh.


And then there were three rows…


Then, due to the encouragement of everyone on Instagram and the Bravermans, I plowed through two more blocks.


(Please tell me you know the Bravermans….)

And you guys, it’s starting to look like a quilt!


Plus, I have all these little baby HSTs to use for a second quilt.  Winning at life.


How was your Friday night?

Sarah, when’s the next one?


17 thoughts on “Sewing with Friends

    • I think rotating time zones is an idea… if done weekly, have each week of a month dedicated to a “zone” eg. Week 1 EST, Week 2 Pacific time, Week 3 Australia/Asia time, Week 4 UK/Europe; or even doing it fortnightly one with a US time zone the second with a UK/Europe time — the latter I think should give everyone a 5-6hr leeway either side of being a ‘reasonable’ time. If one is too late or early for you then the next one wouldn’t be etc.

      I was planning on participating but when my alarm went off I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed lol! I’m sure there are others who also would like to participate who would be asleep, or at work, or wherever. /my 2 cents

  1. Flying geese are my favourite block! Love them! I’ve been trying to get the hang of the “alternate” method to reduce waste so I can get more geese for my buck but the maths for that is hard 😦

  2. Ashley, What size are your flying geese? Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I love the Bravermans. I haven’t missed an episode.

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  3. The quilt looks excellent so far… and as for the Bravermans, Joel and Julia make me cry so much, I’ve got 4 weeks stacked up in my DVR that I can’t bear to watch.

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