Gypsy Wife QAL March Winner!

Hello, Gypsy Wifers.  March has come and gone, and we are all one step closer to having our Gypsy Wife quilts.  It’s a good thing I was hosting the March link up this month, or I would have never finished my Pershing block.  Last night I buckled down so that I would make the “deadline” for this link-up, and I don’t know why I waited so long!  It really wasn’t that bad, even if mine ended up being a hair too big.  Whoops. 

March Blocks:


All of my blocks to date:


I’ve realized that I am leaning very heavily towards the oranges, blues, and purples in my AMH stash – so next month I am going to have to fix that.  I want this quilt to be insanely scrappy.  I think it’s getting there!

So, onto what we’re all here for!  The winner of the bundle of an April Showers Dots Fat Quarter Bundle from Alice over at Fresh Modern Fabric


And the winner is….

Rachel over at Farm Gal Designs!

Be sure to go check out Rachel’s blocks, and head over to the link-up to see all of the gorgeous blocks we created this month.  I know I went through all of the hashtags on Instagram last night and I was so impressed with everyone!  They are all going to be stunning!


4 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife QAL March Winner!

  1. I love this, because these are fabrics I would never think to put together, but when I see what you’ve done with them, they look amazing!

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