Flying Geese

This week.  I’m saying.  Y’all.  Spring Fever has set innnnnnnnn.

Every night I’ve tried to do a little bit of chain stitching, and it usually ended when I got to a stage where I had to iron.  Keepin’ it real, here.


All week I was in a state of organized-not-finished.


(omg, when will I have time to chain stitch all those HSTs…)

But last night.  Last night I finally saw some progress.


Yes, I’m keeping it!  I get all of my Bee blocks back on Thursday, so my goal is to finish the last 4 blocks I have this weekend.  Of course, this weekend I would also LOVE to quilt my husbands quilt for him.  Could I possibly finish a quilt this weekend?

Did I mention I’m uber-behind on Bee blocks, too?  Yes.  That’s my task list for next week.  For now I’m just going to go stare at this, and all will be well in my world for a while.


8 thoughts on “Flying Geese

  1. I too sew and sew and sew before I take the time to iron. I find it easier to iron a lot at once, get it out of the way for awhile. Good luck on getting your husbands quilt finished.

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