Sunday Stash

Y’all.  Michelle over at Factotum of Arts is a fabric godmother.  She recently sent me a fabric gift card to Hawthorne Threads (that happened to arrive on my birthday, HEY) and I finally made my choices last weekend.

Get ready for some serious fabric love.


Fabric stacks make me happy every single time.

I needed a few more Kaffe Stripes to finish another patchwork quilt:



Really, I just want to buy yards of this stuff.  

More cerise fabrics for my stash.



Those dandelions.  I can’t.

Some Prism in Primary:



Nicole over at Modern Hand Craft is to blame for that purchase… 😉

A gorgeous text print:



Get ready, Stephanie, this is going in your sisterhood quilt!

And, finally, some MORE AMH for my Gypsy Wife quilt:


I have a feeling that before this is all said and done I’m going to have quite a few AMH quilts in my possession.  Ain’t nobody complaining about that!  Be sure to check out all the other gorgeous fabric being linked up over at Molli Sparkles.  Surely we all need more temptation to buy more fabric…

(Thanks, Michelle!!!!!)


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