This weekend many of my favorite friends were in Nashville for Sew Down.  As awesome as it was to see them meet some pretty spectacular teachers, I was jealous that they got to hang out and create together.  So, how did I cope?  Having a pretty damn productive quilting weekend myself.  I was determined to sew with them in spirit.

On Friday night I finished the last of the flying geese blocks I have.  On Thursday I will receive the rest from my guild ladies, and I have to say, this quilt is going to make me so happy.  I cannot get over how much I love these little geese.  I’ve come a longgggg way, friends.  Check out my humble beginnings with flying geese


Then, I decided to get really crazy … and quilt my husband’s quilt.


This step almost stopped me.

Can we find a magic fairy who does this for us?!

At first I wanted to do organic lines and mix in a few words and phrases on this quilt, but my husband was a little hesitant.  He thought it was a little too sappy for his personality.  (What, you don’t want to read sappy love notes from me all the time… what is wrong with you, man?!)  So, we compromised with squares.  I have to say, I think he’s was right.


At first, I was having trouble with getting precise corners, but then my friend Jess, who was at Sew Down in Nashville, shared the knowledge she got from Angela Walter’s workshop.  Hesitate for a second on the corner and get that extra stitch in for precise corners.  See, it’s like I was there!

Voila!  So much better!


I hope you all had wonderfully creative quilty weekends whether you were in Nashville or you were knocking it out at home.  I know that no matter where I’m sewing, I love having you all to share it with!


AND, Can we all give Spring a nice round of applause for showing up?!

Enjoy your week, friends!


7 thoughts on “Sew-Mo-Jo

  1. I think that the squares look fantastic! That’s a pattern that I need to try soon as well on a modern looking quilt. Maybe when I finally use my Architextures jelly roll…

  2. You were never far from our thoughts in Nashville this weekend– we talked about you constantly. I LOVE that Jessica shared the tip from Angela’s class. And now we know that AMH loves Chicopee just as much as you do. There may be a few goodies in my bag on Thursday night…

    Both of these quilts look so amazingly awesome.

  3. Loving your quilting on your mr.’s quilt! Though, i think your first idea would have been awesome too! Just sayin’ 🙂 And your geese, oh how i love them. I must make an all geese quilt soon!

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