WiP Wednesday

You guys.  Last night, I got to eat dinner with Michelle of Factotum of Arts.  She and her mother are in NYC having fun, and they came into Newark last night to meet me after work.  It.was.awesome.  Bless her sweet mother, too, for listening to our quilt lingo for hours.  Last night was the best moment – it was such an window into why I’ve loved blogging and what the best part of this journey has been.  Now, I just need her to live closer all the time!

The husband’s quilt is almost finished.  Almost finished.  Woohoo!  A while back, my girl Sarah posted a comma plus quilt, and I was smitten.  Now,  my husband has his own.  I’m so glad that I shared Sarah’s quilt with him, because he LOVES it.


He loves it so much that he hasn’t complained once that my sewing table has taken over the living room for days.  This.will.never.happen.again.  Unless I make him another quilt.  Which will never happen again.

I absolutely adore the square quilting, and I’m so proud of myself for just going after another FMQ design.  I’ve made 7 quilts so far this year, and I’ve FMQed 5 of them with unique designs each time.  This year I really wanted to get better at FMQing and I’ve loved trying out new designs.  Squares were extremely liberating and fun, plus they went super quickly.  BONUS.



It’s hard to photograph the detail on this quilt because of the low-volume fabrics, but the texture is on point.  I’m so glad that this quilt will be staying in our house and that I’ll get to see it everyday!

Oh, and you know how were disagreed over the quilting?  How I wanted to quilt words…


Yep, got some in there.

Now onto the binding!


18 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. It looks fabulous! I love your little quilty love note too! Can’t wait to see it once it’s all bound and washed. Love the square quilting. I’m going to borrow that design soon. 🙂

  2. I’ve been quilting for almost 5 years and my husband still hasn’t gotten ANY quilt of his own from me…but I wanted to say thanks again for the greys you sent, the spoonflower one was immediately fussy cut for a very special piece of a HIGHLY top secret project I’m working on. So secret that this is the first mention of it anywhere. 😉 You are so rocking the FMQ this year! I can’t wait to see this quilt all finished and washed–the texture is going to be awesome!

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    • This is so funny!! When I was in Catholic school, we went to church a few times a week as a class. Everytime the priest would walk by with that swinging insense ball, all of us would cough our lungs up. We would get in a lot of trouble for it too. The Sisters always thought that we were doing it on purpose, and I’m sure a few were, but for me – that stuff honestly made me cough and really bothered my throat. We weren’t even allowed to leave to get water (and we certainly weren’t allowed to bring it with us).If I end up with lung cancer, I’m suing.

    • Great question, Tricia! FMQ stands for Free-Motion Quilting. It just means that I control where the quilt goes, instead of the feed-dogs of the machine pulling the quilt through in a straight line. This allows for much fancier quilting designs and I’m really trying to get better at quilting this year!

  3. It was a blast – we definitely need to do it again soon!!! Other than the photo I wish it was longer and we has a shopping trip included + sewing time 🙂

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