Sunday Stash

This Sunday Stash is a reminder of how much I love this quilting community.  There is something very special about everyone I’ve met through blogging and quilting, and put simply it is this:  we are kindred spirits.  While many of my favorites were hanging out in Nashville, and I was insta-stalking them, they were picking out fabrics to bring back and share with me.  What I love most is that they thought to ask me if I would like them to look for something, and then that they picked out the perfect fabrics for me!  Then there was the rainbow charm pack from Beth, that when my husband saw it he said, “That’s so you – you’re really going to love using that!”  Yes, yes I will!

Melanie got me an amazing scrap pack from AMH’s studio.  She also bought herself one, and we already have a scrappy pillow planned to make together.  As soon as my students rock out the state test in three weeks I am looking forward to making a project that will always remind me of one of my favorite quilty teachers!


She also shared some of the fabrics she got from AMH’s new line – um HELLO.  That pale blue – holy cow.  Love.  I can’t wait to use the sunflowers in my gypsy wife quilt.  Love.


Here’s the rainbow charm pack from Beth.  She’s the reason I’ve found so many wonderful quilty friends in this state, and I’m so thankful for the first time I walked into her store, Rock Paper Scissors.  


She knows me well!

Then there’s the ridiculously perfect bundle that Michelle chose for me.  I must make my favorite colors pretty obvious, haha.  From the moment I saw this on instagram I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bundle of goodies.  Especially the yellows.  Ah, the yellows.  They are so gorgeous.  I’ll love having these fabrics in the gypsy wife quilt I’m making through Michelle’s quilt along.  



As much as I love these fabrics, I love the women more who generously shared not only this fabric with me, but their friendship over the past year and a half.  Quilting has brought so much joy to my life – because I get to share it with such talented, kind, and creative souls.  Thank you for being such an important part of my life.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Why do I have to live the other side of the world from these events…. I don’t think I’ll ever get to meet or spend time with any of the people whose work I’m following, except through Skype. I do already have two Skype buds, which is lots of fun. You’ve scored some fabulous fabrics, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Ashley, you are so lucky with the scrap pack – they were gone within 30 mins. You certainly did do well 🙂 I have loved every minute too and last Tuesday was fantastic!!

  3. Quilters do make the best friends! I’m amazed at how tight the community is. I love all your prints. I’m working on the AMH Color Dive quilt now so I get to put them all together for some fabulous patchwork.

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