WiP Wednesday

I’ve been feeling rather lethargic this week, and I’ve ignored my sewing machine since I finished all of the flying geese. Which, speaking of…


I have all of the remaining blocks back… and I LOVE it!

Last night I had the sudden urge to sew.  Luckily I’ve had a baby quilt basted for quite some time, and it was great just to knock it out!  Sometimes simple sewing is the best.


Before I knew it, it was quilted.


And now I’m ready for binding!


I need to keep a store of baby quilts so that I can have more nights like last night!


17 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. It’s great to have different options to work on sometimes, although I get overwhelmed if there are TOO many! Which is where I am right now I’m afraid.

    Those flying geese are still so cool. That’s going to be a special one.

  2. Sometimes moving on to a simple projects is what you need to refresh for the big projects. This baby quilt is adorable but I really can’t wait to see your geese finished 🙂

  3. You know I love the flying geese!! I have a couple of baby quilts I need to do in the upcoming weeks….something must be in the water 🙂

  4. The flying geese quilt top looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it finished. I’ve also been feeling rather lethargic lately. I’m either making ALL the quilts or I’m making NONE of the quilts, no in-between with me! 😀 Yay for knocking out that baby quilt! It is so cute!

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