Gypsy Wife: April…Almost

This weekend I decided I needed to crank something out.  Some.thing.  Not one of the million Bee blocks I have to do, of course, because that requires too much focus.  So, instead I decided to do my April Gypsy Wife blocks.  (Because clearly that doesn’t require focus…Riiiight.)

Case in point:


This is supposed to be the heart block.  Yes, these fabrics compete.  Yes, it looks ridiculous.  However, I just don’t have it in me yet to redo it.  I’m going to wait until later to see what colors I need.  For right now, it’s OK.  I already hated the block before. 

Then I decided it was time to focus:


Love.  I’m obsessed with that block. 


I decided to do the Courthouse Steps differently than the pattern describes.

I’m very happy with this decision.


And then finally all of the Courthouse Steps blocks:


I really hate the bottom left baby one.  So, tonight I’ll probably redo that one along with my square in a square block.  Regardless, this quilt is too much fun.  I can’t wait to finish this one.  If you haven’t started yours – what are you waiting for?!


10 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife: April…Almost

    • It’s awful, right? I might keep it on my design wall for future reference. My husband said, “If you had shown me what you were doing sooner I could have stopped you…” hahaha

  1. that is a great twist on the courthouse steps block — great job. My initial heart block came out a bit off looking also so no worries.

  2. I love the courthouse step blocks! You did great on choosing fabrics for them! That yellow and purple is a wow! The heart block I can so understand–the fabrics are so pretty, and probably they look great next to each other laying next to each other…but then they got cut up and sewn together and the large prints kind turned into globs…and they got all mushed together. :-/ Happens to the best of us! Days when you post you Gypsy Wife blocks I want to go buy the pattern and start one of my own, but then when I go look for the pattern and see that it’s like $26 I’m like, ya…no.

  3. The courthouse step blocks are lovely; the floral centers, especially for the small purple and orange block, make the framing so lovely! And I covet the pie chart fabric in your heart block. I am such a numbers nerd. 🙂

  4. Glad its not just me, I disliked that block so much I made something else to fill that spot! Also don’t discard your little filler block, once its all put together you wont even notice it.

  5. It’s funny to me how many of us didn’t like that heart block .. it’s just such an odd addition to the quilt. Anyway, you did succeed at obscuring the heart 😀 Love the Courthouse Steps — that purple and gold one is really fantastic.

  6. Oh, I’m woefully behind. I’m kind of turned off by all of the problems and errata that seem to be out there. I probably just need to jump in, right?

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