Friday Finish

Let’s be honest.  I haven’t turned on my sewing machine since this weekend, but I did manage to find time to take photos of this baby quilt.  That counts as quilting this week, right?!  Baby quilts are the best.  I just love how quick they are to quilt, and that I don’t have to set up the quilting table because they are so tiny.  I based this quilt off of the fabric I bought for the back – and I love it!



Is there anything better than simple rainbows?!

(Yes, free fabric, but I digress…)


Is this back amazing, or is it amazing?


Every time I get perfect corners it’s like the first time all over again.


And there’s a Friday Finish which could really be called a Christmas Miracle this week.  I want to pass a law where days have to be 30 hours.  I just don’t really know how to get the earth’s rotation to get on board….

Anybody else having that kind of week?

This quilt is now listed in my Etsy Shop!


16 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. Adorable! And as to the week – YES! But it’s almost over right? And there has to be a law that trouble cannot pass from week to the next. So next week will be better. fingers crossed.

  2. If that was my baby quilt I’d be turning it over and using the backing as the front! I’m having my Friday Finish tomorrow. Well, we’re roughly 10 ahead of the States so Ireckon it’ll work out the same anyway!

  3. Gorgeous finish Ashley! It looks very soft and cuddly! I think you and I might be on the same wave length this week I finished a baby quilt too and there are lots of similarities! Have a fabulous weekend. Marie xxx

  4. Don’t you realize that making a quilt for someone else takes at least 2 years?
    It is in the quilting bible… you are right on par 🙂

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