Bee Blocks: Feather Style

Remember when I was writing about Quilter’s Guilt?  Well, I think my most recent fabric purchase cured me of it.  This weekend I was able to get started on quite a few projects, and I even finished some bee blocks for Rachel.  I’m not even going to tell you what month they’re from….

The first feather I made using AMH fabrics – duh.

ImageI just love how her fabrics play together.  I wanted to make one side of the feather as a whole print, because those are my favorite blocks in the quilt from the pattern.


Just like with every other bee block that I make for the ScrapBeeLicious crew, I always have to throw in some Chicopee.  I pulled all of the saturated fabrics from my Chicopee scrap stash and made a rainbow side.


Then, I couldn’t decide on a fabric for the other side, so I rummaged through my scrap bin.  Y’all.  I pulled out a huge scrap of the first fabric I ever bought.  This Love Lives Here fabric plays perfectly with Chicopee.  I’m obsessed with the fact that the first fabric I ever bought is so similar in color palette with my fabric for life, Chicopee.  I clearly have a color obsession.


So, here’s my new “problem”.  I’ve basically started a new quilt with some extra feathers and the scraps of Love Lives Here that I still have.  This with cerise and some more rainbow Chicopee.  Right? 


The only thing: I’m not really good at improve quilting.  Gotta stretch myself!  And I need some more of this Love Lives Here fabric…


9 thoughts on “Bee Blocks: Feather Style

  1. That feather quilt’s been sitting in my Do It One Day list so long… Pretty, pretty. But improv is fun, and a great reason to reach for combinations you’d never normally dream of.

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