Bee Blocks: Feather Style

Remember when I was writing about Quilter’s Guilt?  Well, I think my most recent fabric purchase cured me of it.  This weekend I was able to get started on quite a few projects, and I even finished some bee blocks for Rachel.  I’m not even going to tell you what month they’re from….

The first feather I made using AMH fabrics – duh.

ImageI just love how her fabrics play together.  I wanted to make one side of the feather as a whole print, because those are my favorite blocks in the quilt from the pattern.


Just like with every other bee block that I make for the ScrapBeeLicious crew, I always have to throw in some Chicopee.  I pulled all of the saturated fabrics from my Chicopee scrap stash and made a rainbow side.


Then, I couldn’t decide on a fabric for the other side, so I rummaged through my scrap bin.  Y’all.  I pulled out a huge scrap of the first fabric I ever bought.  This Love Lives Here fabric plays perfectly with Chicopee.  I’m obsessed with the fact that the first fabric I ever bought is so similar in color palette with my fabric for life, Chicopee.  I clearly have a color obsession.


So, here’s my new “problem”.  I’ve basically started a new quilt with some extra feathers and the scraps of Love Lives Here that I still have.  This with cerise and some more rainbow Chicopee.  Right? 


The only thing: I’m not really good at improve quilting.  Gotta stretch myself!  And I need some more of this Love Lives Here fabric…


11 thoughts on “Bee Blocks: Feather Style

    • OMG – which one will you print for your walls? The close up with the scarf and yummy light is my favorite. You will so treasure these memories as she grows up Cheirtins. You really know how to capture the essence of a person no matter the age.

  1. That feather quilt’s been sitting in my Do It One Day list so long… Pretty, pretty. But improv is fun, and a great reason to reach for combinations you’d never normally dream of.

    • Carina from Germany, October 12, 2012 at 10:06 PM Rundum alles. Es war wirklich so ein toller Aufenthalt, ein super Zimmer. Die Mitarbeiter an der Rezeption sehr fr2uidlnch&#8e30; würde mich jeder Zeit wieder für dieses Hotel entscheiden.

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