Friday Finish: Flying ChicoBee

My love affair with Chicopee has been well documented.  I think it’s the best line Denyse Schmidt has ever made, even though she still has time to top it.  I’ve already made quite a few projects with Chicopee, but when it was time to cut fabric for my Bee blocks through the NJMQG, I knew I wanted a quilt in Chicopee.  I went back and forth between projects, and took forever to decide on a design.  However, I’m so glad that I made the final choice that I made.  This quilt means so much to me for many reasons.  I love having blocks that are made by so many women who I have loved getting to know through our guild.  They have seen me grow from my first block and I love that I’ll always have these memories.  Then, there’s the Chicopee.  Finally, I swore off flying geese after I made my first quilt (which is still unfinished) because I hated them and they gave me such problems.  Now I’ve got this.



(What, you don’t take photos after guild when the sun’s almost gone…?)


Obsessed with this straight line quilting.  I feel like celebrating that I’ve finally come around to not being ashamed that I don’t FMQ fabulous designs – and that I can be just as proud of quilting straight lines.  I used to feel like I had to apologize for that! Hahah, all self-induced, of course.


(I know you’re checking out that cerise binding!



I’m so glad that I used corduroy for the back – it is so soft!


One more, just because I love the binding and the perfect corners!

It’s final resting place:


Thank you to the ladies who contributed blocks, thank you to the friends who answered many emails about my process of making this, and thank you to Denyse Schmidt for making the most beautiful fabric line ever – this fabric totally inspired me to start quilting.

26 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Flying ChicoBee

  1. Ashley, this is incredibly beautiful. You are a real artist. It looks like it is quilted by hand. Is it? Good work

  2. It’s gorgeous! I have to feel that corduroy back for myself. Doing the geese for this quilt made me less afraid of them too. Proud to have helped with just a tiny corner. My favorite element is the way you paired the contrasting colors to make each set.

  3. I love this quilt! The colors are just stunning….by the way, the flying geese block is one of my favorites!!

  4. an all-around wonderful finish on so many levels. what a treasure! and i totally love your straight line quilting. be you, loud and proud! i’ve seen more than one all-over design detract from a quilt. personally, i don’t think you can go wrong with some fab straight lining. especially in hot colors!

  5. I love chicopee too–also a big fan of all of her fabric. I’m doing the fat quarter shop Wishes BOM with the Denyse line for Joann and I’m totally loving the retro vibe it’s giving. Like a quilt from the 70s from when I was born. Everything retro is new and cool again!! Your quilt looks great and I love the lime quilting stitches!!

  6. It’s beautiful. I’m glad you went with the solid binding because, well, it’s cerise after all and also because I think the solid frames it so nicely since there’s a lot going on with Chicopee (all in a good way of course!) and it gives the eye a stopping point. Also, your geese rock. Chicopee was the perfect collection for this quilt with all those beautiful colors and small prints. I love it!

  7. I love straight line quilting, but I always end up with something in the quilt I don’t want quilted over. Gotta think quilting design earlier, I guess. I’m a fan of flying geese (I even like to make them); I like them in your quilt–I imagine it was fun arranging them. I also get a chuckle out of your blog name. My sentiments exactly!

  8. I just want to cuddle it! I’m sure that backing is the softest. I mostly use flannel for backing, but corduroy seems like a more sturdy, but still soft option. I think I’m going to try that next time!

    (And the Chicopee is gorgeous in geese.)

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  9. It’s beautiful Ashley, your quilt nirvana! I don’t know how you coped with all those flying geese though..scary!!! It never occured to me to use cord for the backing, but I bet it’s super soft. Never mind about the straight lines the quilting fits perfectly with the distractions from the beautiful chicopee 🙂

  10. Beautiful! Ashley – can you please email me with your contact information (email address). I’m with FreeSpirit Fabric and was hoping to use one (or several) of these images in an upcoming video for Denyse Schmidt.

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