Sunday Stash

Oh lord. Y’all got me. All this discontinued talk made me irrational, or a genius depending on who you ask..


Five yards of the Ikea Britten fabric has been purchased. This trend did not pass me by. Quilt backs here I come!

And, I spent last night folding the stash builder fabric I’ve gotten from Pink Castle Fabric this year because I was stressed. Healthy. Healthy. Healthy.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. Ashley you make me laugh and panic! I don’t have an Ikea any where near me and it will be weeks before I get to Co to possibly buy more Britan fabric. Ha I bought some last year and used most of it up. I hope it is a rumor that it is discontinued. Anyway I will survive either way.

  2. Hi Ashley, Michelle Bartholomew sent me over here to give you credit for the scrapbook quilt idea. I LOVE IT! I also love your blog, so entraining to read 🙂 You just got another follower!

  3. I love your Ikea Britten fabric. By the way, what kind of shelf are you using the store your “stash”? If looks like it’s very narrow, maybe just an illusion of the photo angle. Just curious.

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