Gypsy Wife: May

Y’all.  The Hope for Hartford block is done.  I really didn’t want to make this block because of the open seam but I beasted it!  I am so proud!


I really love going through so many AMH fabrics each month.  I’m hoping that in the end I’ve spaced out the colors evenly, but that’s the good thing about this pattern – it doesn’t really matter!

Here are the filler blocks that i made this month:


Obsessed: but slightly annoyed with the pattern because I’m going to have to redo the dern outer triangles.

Up next: Fabric selection for square in a square blocks:




(Glad my finger made it in the picture?)

All of the May blocks together now:


And, get ready!  All of the blocks to date:


I love this quilt so much!  I can’t wait to get started on my June blocks – I have a feeling I’ll finish those out way before the last weekend of the month like I did in May.  How are you making out with all the errors in the pattern – or is it just me that’s struggling to get everything sized correctly?


8 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife: May

  1. Ashley this quilt is going to be spectacular. I have some AMH fabric but never know what to do with it. I never thought to use it like you are…just embrace the pattern and go. The resulting effect is fabulous.

  2. Ashley, I love your use of fabrics and the results you get. I’ve never used these types of bold colors, but want to so badly every time I see what you do with them. Thanks so much for the inspiration! The quilt you’re making is going to be gorgeous!!

  3. I am not making the pattern so I can’t comment exactly to the errors in this pattern but I’m discovering more and more errors in patterns (that I pay for) lately. It’s horrible when you discover them after the cutting is all done. Great job on your blocks!

  4. The issues with this pattern are pretty ridiculous.. I mean, if we were paying $5 for a pattern as complex as this, I wouldn’t have had terribly high expectations, but it’s a $25 pattern! There should have been better editing and it seems clear to me that nobody actually worked through and followed the pattern before it went to print.

    It’s going to make such a gorgeous quilt when it’s done though! Yours is just going to be a complete riot of colour and pattern, which feels really right for AMH fabrics 😀 Just to pick a random one… I REALLY like that gold square in square you made! Looks so great.

    (By the way… I got a notification on my phone the other day that you’d tagged me in an Instagram post, but I can’t access IG right now! That last update killed it for my phone and I can’t open it at all any more. SO frustrating! Anyway, this by way of saying I didn’t get to see your picture! Or find out what the issue was, though I got the impression the issue was something to do with the bad bits of this pattern.)

  5. I know Nicole of Snips Snippets completed her Gypsy Wife and was thinking about making a page for her site helping out with all the issues (apparently there are many). Maybe she can help you out before you blow a gasket, cuz I know I would 🙂

    It’s looking fabulous!!

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