New Adventures in Quilt Rescue

Quilt rescue has been on my mind since this winter when I found an antique quilt in the thrift store.  I didn’t end up buying it, but it hurt my heart that it didn’t have a home.  I started searching for vintage quilt tops on Etsy and Ebay – waiting for the perfect one to purchase.  I had a few qualifications – OLD, in good condition (because nobody has time for intense washing), and a pattern I didn’t think I’d be able to make myself.  The last qualification was the most important – I wanted something that I loved but couldn’t imagine spending tons of time creating.  Enter hexagons!  As much as I want to, I just can’t imagine hand stitching all of those little pieces together. 


I found this beauty on Etsy and purchased it from Kolorize.  I was so impressed with her selection, service, and the quality of the quilt when I received it.  I still remember my husband’s skepticism when I told him what I wanted to do; but then he saw the quilt and he was a believer. It’s truly gorgeous and I can’t believe I will get to finish this beauty.  The hexagons are 1 inch finished, and I can’t find any stains or rips.  Also, the fabrics are amazing – I LOVE vintage fabrics and I couldn’t be happier with these.


Now I’m on the search for the perfect quilt back (SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!) and someone to teach me to hand quilt (you know you want to!)  I’m hoping to baste this beauty within the next few weeks and then have this as a project throughout the year to work on when I have time to sit and sew.  This is going to be the perfect project for when I want to sew, but I also want to sit and talk to people.  Sometimes it can be so isolating to sit at your machine.  



What fabric would you use to back this?  (My thoughts were a Denyse Schmidt print from her Shelburne Falls line)  However I’m open to other suggestions.  Then, how would you hand quilt this?  I’m really hoping I love this and find more quilts that I can rescue.


16 thoughts on “New Adventures in Quilt Rescue

  1. I would be worried (paranoid) that the dark fabric would bleed through the quilting stitches onto the front. I’ve heard of it happening to others before. What about that blue/green plaid from Florence? Has a bit of a vintage vibe, lighter so no worries about bleeding, and a Denyse Schmidt! 😀 Great find!

  2. What about Denyse Schmidt’s County Fair Dottie (Market Fancy); or Florence Multi Plaid in Malachite; or the blue paisley from the Chicopee line.

  3. I would say something like 30’s playtime or Katie Jump Rope they both have nice fabrics that would compliment this project wonderfully. this is a wonderful project to take on and i too have contemplated the idea of restoring or completing old quilts but not found that right project so far.

  4. What a great find! I found a book at our library by Roxanne McElroy called The Perfect Stitch which is a fantastic hand quilting resource. I found it very comprehensive and it’s definitely one I would like to add to my personal quilt library.

  5. When I made my own equivalent of this beauty (yes, there are those of us insane enough to hand sew several thousand hexagons together) I used quite a plain backing because I thought there was enough interest on the front, and with pale colours I didn’t want any risk of show through. And I didn’t like the traditional way of quilting hexie quilts, which is to outline 1/4″ inside the outline of each hexie. So I did an overall scallop pattern over the whole thing, which held it together beautifully without distracting from the design, and is quite quick to do. And I didn’t beat myself up about keeping the stitches tiny; big stitch hand quilting is beautiful too. You have a lovely quilt, keep it fun or you’ll start to hate it.

  6. Ashley this top us beautiful and you are inspiring me to do something with my hexagon rescue top too. I agree that a light background would be best but luckily Ms Schmidt does amazing lighter fabrics.

  7. Awesome find! Many of the prints in the close-ups remind me of some of Denyse Schimdt’s work, so I think one of her prints will work great for the backing! I’m kind of in love with the idea of some of the non-floral prints mentioned in the first few comments. Still vintage looking, but would contrast nicely with the floral quilt top design and prints.

  8. I love this quilt and am so glad you are rescuing it! The vintage fabrics are so lovely, what a treasure. I love hand stitching in the evenings while chatting with my husband or watching a movie. It’s so relaxing. I know you’re going to love it!

  9. We have a vintage hexagon quilt too! It’s gorgeous. I’ll take a look at the quilting on it and let you know. That way you could have an authentic style if you like 🙂

  10. Who but Ashley would recognize a “homeless” quit. You are a truly sensitive person. Swansie

  11. What a nice find! I hate to see quilts that somebody put so much time into be put up for sale or donated to Goodwill. I’m glad it’s a quilter who will love and appreciate it!

    Also, PSA since I think of you whenever I see Chicopee… Jimmy Beans Wool ( has Chicopee yardage at great prices in their sale. I’ve never ordered from them but friends have and recommend it. Just thought I’d pass that on!

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