Gypsy Wife: June

Well, mark this month down in the books.  I finished all of my June blocks within the first week of the month.  This will never, ever happen again.  I’m usually finishing the last month around this time.  Something came over me a few nights ago.  I didn’t have the energy to sew, but I decided to cut fabric.


Having the blocks pre-cut made a huge difference and I was able to knock these blocks out in thirty minutes before dinner last night!




Anna Maria Horner fabrics are so fun to work with.  It’s such a treat to pull fabrics and just see how they play together.  I absolutely have loved making these blocks, but I’m also having to make sure I don’t stick to the same fabrics – it’s so easy to use my favorites over and over.

Then I cut the fabrics for this one:


And I knew I was going to love it…


This might be my favorite filler block yet!

Here’s the main block for June, and if you follow me on Instagram (@wasntquiltinaday) you know that I hated making it.  So, YES, I did rewrite the pattern.  And I don’t care.  I don’t have time to deal with blocks that don’t measure up, and those HRT were giving me a headache.  I’m really nervous about putting this quilt together – I hope it all comes together!


Here are all the June blocks:


and, here are all the blocks – February through June – together!


 EEEEEEK.  Should I go ahead and start on July?


7 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife: June

  1. “…those HRT were giving me a headache”. Too young for HRT, darlin’, I think you were talking about HST? Feel free to delete this once you’ve made the update! XX

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