Sunday Stash

I love this Sunday Stash.  Afterall, who doesn’t LOVE gifted fabric?!  A few weeks ago, Alyce and Molli Sparkles hosted a giveaway to celebrate having 1,000 (one thousand!) followers on Instagram.  Yes, yes they are just that awesome.  Well, the fabulous Renee entered us to win – and lo and behold, WE DID!  These.fabrics.are.awesome.  Let’s let the pictures do the talking, shall we?





Don’t you just want to make a quilt out of all of these together?!


My favorite red is second from the right.  Hand holding  – I die.


These oranges!  Yes.  Those little flowers.  The dots.  The words!


The yellows are my favorite.  Check out the nine-patchy inspired fabric.  Third from the left.  


So, this Sunday Stash goes out to four of my favorite bloggers.  Yes, four.  Congrats to Alyce and Molli – you are both fabulous!  Thank you to Renee for her winning mojo!  And, shout out to Nicholas, my favorite email friend, for hosting Sunday Stash!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. What gorgeous winnings! Isn’t there just something about fabric that makes you swoon? I love the red post card fabric, second from the left. What a fun bundle!

  2. Word to your fabulous mother. I couldn’t have imagined a better winner than my Quilty wife! Haha, when Mister Sparkles closed his eyes and scrolled through IG and landed on your name, I said, “You. Are. Kidding. Me.” Obvs, he wasn’t. I have that red hand-holding fabric too… Soo cute!

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