WiP Wednesday

The name of the game this week is Bee Blocks.  Bee.Blocks.All.Day.Long.  I’ve had so much fun working on Bee blocks for Robin Sue of RobinSue Quilts and Stephanie over at Simple Sewendipity this week.  They aren’t finished quite yet, because Stephanie’s Block got me side tracked!  (It’s all your fault, Steph!)

First up, Robin Sue’s awesome block, the My Stars Align block, from Stitching and Bacon.


Do you like the fabric selections?!  Of course I have to include Chicopee in every bee block.  Duh.

And then, Stephanie’s block: Little Vines blocks by Elizabeth Hartman.  This block is going to be awesome as a quilt.  I’ve had so much fun diving into applique, and now that the fear as been conquered, I’m all in.  All. in.


This was the first Bee Block where I solely pulled from my scraps and it’s awesome.  I had so much fun pulling out fabrics and it’s great to know that you can truly just use your scraps and love what you create.  Which is a duh, but worth noting.


Petals everywhere!



I’m getting better with each one, but I’m still unsure about the bias tape step…

And this is where I got side tracked…


Last night I busted out my Soul Blossom fabric and started making more petals.  Once I started this applique I had to make another project.  I just had to.  I can’t wait to finish this one off!


But that’s the best part of Bees… learning new skills!  I hope to be all caught up this weekend, and I’m still so thankful for this wonderful group of quilters to learn from.  Every month they’ve picked amazing blocks!


9 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I love petals. 🙂 They make such awesome shapes when used together! Also I was having fun playing “Spot the Chicopee” in your blocks. 🙂

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