My Student’s Friday Finish

I have so loved seeing everyone’s response to L’s quilt.  She is such a joy to know and I’m so proud of her for making her first quilt!  It was very exciting to see her in the hallway this week when it was time to show her the finished product – so many giggles!  She’s already received requests from people at school to make them a quilt and she’s already added a sewing machine to her Christmas list.  (LOVE!)

photo 1

I just love it.  My husband and I have repeatedly said that this is the coolest baby quilt that’s come out of our house.  I just love how the design came together for L and I’m so proud of her for doing all of the fabric selection on her own!

photo 2

I love the ripple effect of the quilting.  Yessssss, for Bernina stitch 5.

photo 3

L’s mom saw the Ikea Britten fabric on my Instagram feed and loved it.  This was the one thing L let me contribute in design.  She let Forrest pick out the binding.  He did a pretty good job!

photo 4

I love this fabric.  LOVE.

photo 5So much love in this picture.  I met these two at Six Flags when T was chaperoning the year before I had L.  I went up to her and said, “Oh, I have to have your daughter!  You are the best chaperone!”  We laughed and bonded, and not only was she the best chaperone the next year on all of our trips, but she truly took care of the entire team of teachers.  Two years after her daughter was in my class, and she’s still taking care of me.  It’s bonds like this that make the early mornings, late nights, and sore feet so very worth it.

T, it makes me so happy to know that Baby will have this quilt from L!  L, love you, ladybug!


7 thoughts on “My Student’s Friday Finish

  1. Ashley, this is so awesome! What a great experience for both you and L!! Aww, seriously have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful story (yes, I had to go back and read your previous post as well).

  2. Oh, Ashley, I literally have goose bumps. The love you have expressed in this post is overwhelming. This is all the goodness of the quilting world tied up in one post!

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