Quilty Question: A Gift for that Quilter in Your Life?

Calling all quilting friends.  What is the perfect gift for a quilting friend?  I’ve been blessed to receive so many thoughtful gifts from my friends to support my habit hobby, but it always seems to stump me when I want to give a gift.  Especially because it seems that we quilters, well… to put it bluntly, we have a lot.  A lot of stash, a lot of trinkets, a lot of gadgets.  There’s a reason a lot of us did the fabric diet.  (I mean, I didn’t but I have zero self-control.) So, sometimes it’s hard to think of what someone would realllllllly want.

Unless you’re me.  Then the answer is always Chicopee because I have an illness.

So, here’s where I need your help.  If your quilty friend was going to buy you a quilty gift, what would you want?

Get crazy with your answers.  Pretend it’s your birthday. Anything goes. (Well, except a new machine, long arm, or some crazy out of print fabric that loons are selling for $200/yd. on Etsy.)

24 thoughts on “Quilty Question: A Gift for that Quilter in Your Life?

  1. Well, there’s always handmade something. Infinity scarves are popular. Bags to put all our stuff in are always needed. Walls always need minis. 😀 From a purchasing point of view, nifty-er gadgets are almost always appreciated. Things like rotating cutting mats, Bloc-lock rulers, other “fancy” rulers, Aurifil thread sets, also splurge fabrics like a Liberty bundle, or a big cut of Echino if s/he likes to make garments. If s/he’s local you could do a version of “spouse coupons” — things like “I’ll baste one quilt for you” Or “I’ll square up a bunch of HSTs for you”. I, personally, always love something handmade, especially from a really close friend. I got my favorite mini that way. 😀 Oh, one other idea to lengthen this comment – non-quilty things that make it so you have more time to quilt, like freezer meals if they’re local, or free babysitting, or even something like tickets to their local children’s museum so the spouse can take the kids away for the day. Hope I didn’t make the problem worse with too many ideas. 😀

  2. I love my rotating cutting mat, and I’ve noticed that few of my quilting friends own one. Otherwise, how about an entire box of seam rippers or rotary cutter blades?

  3. I’m unsure if you’re looking to buy or make something but if you’re looking to buy, I always think a ruler (pick an unusual one if you think they’re already a ruler hoarder), new pins (the thin thin thin ones), needles (both for binding or for the machine), Superior Thread (not easily found in stores) or a package of fusible batting (it’s a neat product but not easily found). Pkgs of various weight interfacing is good if they make a lot of bags. Finally, I buy cute smallish bowls at Anthropologie and glue a good size round magnet in the indention on the bottom. Then I put pins in the bowl. The magnet keeps the pins in the bowl and it looks pretty. Good luck!

  4. I like many of the ideas already listed–classes, thread, rotary cutter blades, etc. A little bowl/basket of usable goodies would always be great–things that we use on a regular basis that we use up and usually need more of. I also think lint rollers, Best Press, a nice lotion to keep hands smooth, some ribbon/ric-rac and buttons and things would be wonderful as well. Also–a fat quarter bundle of just basic stash builder fabrics.

    • Also–disappearing pens for marking, sketchbooks or graph paper and pens/pencils for writing out designs or ideas.

  5. If you want to make something: What skill do you have that a lot of quilters lack? Do you make bags? Piece curves or awesome paper-pieced things? Give someone a gift they probably can’t make for themselves.

    If you want to buy something: We quilters tend to buy the things we “need”. So a great gift is a nice-to-have where someone might have trouble justifying the expense. Doesn’t have to be big. Liberty scraps or a FQ or two are great contenders—not a huge spend, but luxurious and something people struggle to justify buying for themselves. Ditto with clever rulers.

  6. I like special things. cute little scissors with the floral on the handles. I am not much of a gadget person so if I know my friends love it then I would probably like that. Something that is on the nice to have list, I love my Sew Line pencil with white, yellow , and gray. Other people think Best Press is a nice to have. Anything hand made and of course a favorite fabric line. I also love the Craftsy classes.

  7. I would love another Sara Cone Flower Thread Holder that is sold by Connecting Threads. I have one, but I love it so much I would love another. This holder is super heavy and so pretty.

  8. I would love some really nice super fine pins. Clover clips are also pricey and everyone would always like more… I saw the cutest post a while ago showing numbered and/or lettered pins to mark templates and they were so cute I made myself a set and one for a friends birthday. I’m going to make a cute pincushion to go with them! I’ll try to post the link in a minute!

    • yes! clover pins! i don’t have them for that exact reason. great idea 🙂

      On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 3:51 PM, Wasn't Quilt in a Day wrote:


  9. I like all the ideas mentioned. I would love to revive something handmade, also love a rotating mat, specialty ruler, fabric (like a scrap pack or a warm/cool pack), gift cards, Craftsy class, fancy rotary cutter, some sort of storage item for all our stuff! Or splurge and get a real nice pair of scissors

  10. If my friends were wanting to give me something it would be some Quilting services, I have so many unfinished items this would be fabulous. If it was a handmade item I am really loving some of the mini quilts that are going around at the moment, especially those with the alison glass handcrafted stuff

  11. OK, there are two things I really want and just have never bought for myself. One’s a bobbin winder, because I ALWAYS run out of bobbin thread about an inch from the end of the seam and I’ve never had the forethought to wind another. You can get a nice small battery operated one, and it’s exactly what I’d love. The other thing is fold out card storage boxes in pretty card with little label holders. I have a bit of a storage problem with snap fasteners, buttons, elastic, pins of all sizes, safety pins of all sizes, and so on. If I had the boxes, I’d have to just get organised, no more excuses!

  12. If you know the model of sewing machine they use, extra bobbins are always useful and appreciated. I would second the idea of clover clips- who wouldn’t want more!

  13. Fancy little scissors to keep next to the sewing machine or on a lanyard (I love my wee curved Ginghers). Thread or thread kit, pretty stack of fabric, a hera marker, a pin cushion, a needle mind (I got one from Amanda at What The Bobbin and use it on my sewing machine, while binding and burying threads), a new book.

  14. I think I would consider a coordinated pack of Aurifil thread, either the pack of Spring colors or even the basics set. Something they would use every time they were creating!

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