Quilty Question: QuiltCon Prep?!

Everyone was so helpful with my last Quilty Question, that I just have to ask for some more help.

I leave for Quilt Con in 8 (eight…EIGHT!) days. So it’s basically time to start packing now.  Other than this amazing bag that I bought last night (hello, flying geese) what else do I need?!


What is everyone bringing other than the class list of supplies?  I’m notorious for forgetting things, so I want to make sure I don’t get to Austin and realize I’ve forgotten something.  Of course, I guess I can always buy it along with the fabric and cowboy boots I’m planning on buying…

What’s on your “must pack” list?

10 thoughts on “Quilty Question: QuiltCon Prep?!

  1. Sisterhood starter! Also, a light jacket of some kind. And my voile quilt b/c I want AMH to sign it (is that weird??). Business cards or pins of some kind (I hear there are a lot of giveaways including in classes – one reason I made business cards).

  2. If you want to buy Cowboy boots, my favorite place is Cavender’s boot city. They have a great selection of boots at every price point. My favorites are Ariat, and you can get a great pair for $130-200. If you are willing to spend quite a bit more, make sure you try on some Luchese’s. They are spectacular!! I am sure there will be a few Cavender’s locations in Austin. Have fun!!

  3. Eeee I’m glad you asked! This is my first time so I’ll be checking the responses. I L-O-V-E Austin (native Texan here), so I’m almost as psyched to get back to the city as I am to see QuiltCon!

  4. I’m bringing a lot of jam, haha–like how much would be too much in my checked bag?!?! Southwest.com says 50 pounds is the limit, so there you go, haha. A mini quilt for a swap with someone in Australia (woop on no shipping costs!), some fabric for a friend, my sisterhood starter (which I have NOT made yet, shitshitshitshit), two notebooks (one for notes and one for quilting design sketches), a book, two pairs of comfortable shoes (1.chacos what what, 2. danskos or walking shoes? hmm), one pair of jeans, a bunch of shirts, one light jacket, swimming suit, yoga clothes (and a mat? not sure if I need to bring my own), maybe some hand sewing stuff, moda party costume (which is a jacket, so maybe I won’t pack the first jacket and instead bring a light sweater), workshop supplies, a bag of nuts to have for snacks, small camera…will comment later with more that I think of!

  5. Don’t forget a toothbrush and some soap! 🙂 I’m planning on hitting IKEA while I’m there since there is not one close to me. Make sure you have plenty of $$$ for food…so many great places to eat! I lived in Austin for 8 years and I miss it so much. One of my class lists asked to bring extra bobbins. I’m not sure why, but I guess I’ll find out when I get there.

  6. Since I’ll never ever get to Quilt Con 😦 I can’t be any help to you. But I never go away without a small hand sewing kit in my luggage to pass the time on the plane/ train/ automobile, if I’m going to a quilt show I always have trainers to keep my feet comfortable, and I always have a big fold out shopping bag in my purse to hold all the stuff I buy. So jealous…. have lots of fun and don’t forget to post about it after.

  7. Your backpack is so cute! Perfect for QuiltCon!

    I am really glad you asked this, because I am in a complete unprepared panic right now! I am for sure bringing band-aids, because I will probably injure myself during English Paper Piecing class. I’m also bringing a light jacket (just in case) and a few extra bags for purchases. 😀

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